Head of Nation
Population of Asgardia
1 056 233
Residents of Asgardia
18 458
1China1 382 323 3322India1 326 801 5763United States324 118 7874Indonesia260 581 1005Brazil209 567 9206Pakistan192 826 5027Nigeria186 987 5638Bangladesh162 910 8649Russia143 439 83210Mexico128 632 00411Japan126 323 71512Philippines102 250 13313Ethiopia101 853 26814VietNam94 444 20015Egypt93 383 57416Germany80 682 35117Iran80 043 14618Congo79 722 62419Turkey79 622 06220Thailand68 146 60921United Kingdom65 111 14322France64 668 12923Italy59 801 00424Tanzania55 155 47325South Africa54 978 90726Myanmar54 363 42627Republic of Korea50 503 93328Colombia48 654 39229Kenya47 251 44930Spain46 064 60431Ukraine44 624 37332Argentina43 847 27733Sudan41 175 54134Algeria40 375 95435Uganda40 322 76836Poland38 593 16137Iraq37 547 68638Canada36 286 37839Morocco34 817 06540Afghanistan33 369 94541Saudi Arabia32 157 97442Peru31 774 22543Venezuela31 518 85544Malaysia30 751 60245Uzbekistan30 300 44646Nepal28 850 71747Mozambique28 751 36248Ghana28 033 37549Yemen27 477 60050Angola25 830 95851DPRK25 281 32752Madagascar24 915 82253Australia24 309 33054Cameroon23 924 40755Côte d'Ivoire23 254 18456Sri Lanka20 810 81657Niger20 715 28558Romania19 372 73459Burkina Faso18 633 72560Syria18 563 59561Mali18 134 83562Chile18 131 85063Kazakhstan17 855 38464Malawi17 749 82665Netherlands16 979 72966Zambia16 717 33267Guatemala16 672 95668Ecuador16 385 45069Zimbabwe15 966 81070Cambodia15 827 24171Senegal15 589 48572Chad14 496 73973Guinea12 947 12274South Sudan12 733 42775Rwanda11 882 76676Burundi11 552 56177Cuba11 392 88978Tunisia11 375 22079Belgium11 371 92880Benin11 166 65881Somalia11 079 01382Greece10 919 45983Bolivia10 888 40284Haiti10 848 17585Dominican Republic10 648 61386Czech Republic10 548 05887Portugal10 304 43488Azerbaijan9 868 44789Sweden9 851 85290Hungary9 821 31891Belarus9 481 52192United Arab Emirates9 266 97193Serbia8 812 70594Tajikistan8 669 46495Austria8 569 63396Switzerland8 379 47797Israel8 192 46398Honduras8 189 50199Papua New Guinea7 776 115100Jordan7 747 800101Togo7 496 833102Bulgaria7 097 796103Laos6 918 367104Paraguay6 725 430105Sierra Leone6 592 102106Libya6 330 159107Nicaragua6 150 035108El Salvador6 146 419109Kyrgyzstan6 033 769110Lebanon5 988 153111Singapore5 696 506112Denmark5 690 750113Finland5 523 904114Turkmenistan5 438 670115Slovakia5 429 418116Eritrea5 351 680117Norway5 271 958118CAR4 998 493119Costa Rica4 857 218120Congo4 740 992121Ireland4 713 993122Oman4 654 471123Liberia4 615 222124New Zealand4 565 185125Croatia4 225 001126Mauritania4 166 463127Moldova4 062 862128Kuwait4 007 146129Panama3 990 406130Georgia3 979 781131Bosnia-Herzegovina3 802 134132Uruguay3 444 071133Armenia3 026 048134Mongolia3 006 444135Albania2 903 700136Lithuania2 850 030137Jamaica2 803 362138Namibia2 513 981139Botswana2 303 820140Qatar2 291 368141Lesotho2 160 309142Republic of Macedonia2 081 012143Slovenia2 069 362144Gambia2 054 986145Latvia1 955 742146Gabon1 763 142147Bahrain1 396 829148Trinidad and Tobago1 364 973149Estonia1 309 104150Swaziland1 304 063151Mauritius1 277 459152Timor-Leste 1 211 245153Cyprus1 176 598154Asgardia1 056 233155Djibouti899 598156Fiji897 537157Equatorial Guinea869 587158Comoros807 118159Bhutan784 103160Montenegro626 101161Solomon Islands594 934162Luxembourg576 243163Suriname558 368164Cape Verde526 993165Brunei428 874166Malta419 615167Bahamas392 718168Maldives369 812169Belize366 942170Iceland331 778171Barbados285 006172Vanuatu277 047173Mayotte246 496174Samoa194 523175Saint Lucia186 383176Kiribati114 405177Saint Vincent109 644178Grenada107 327179Tonga106 915180Micronesia104 966181Seychelles97 026182Antigua and Barbuda92 738183Guyana77 061184Dominica73 016185Andorra69 165186Saint Kitts and Nevis56 183187CNMI55 389188Marshall Islands53 069189Monaco37 863190Liechtenstein37 776191San Marino33 195192British Virgin Islands30 659193Palau21 501194Cook Islands20 948195Sao Tome and Principe19 439196Wallis and Futuna13 112197Nauru10 263198Tuvalu9 943199St. Pierre and Miquelon6 301200Montserrat5 154201Saint Helena3 956202Niue1 612203Tokelau1 276204Holy See451
1United States3 6972Turkey2 1653United Kingdom1 5724Italy1 3465China8176Australia8057Germany5538Spain5439Canada49510Belgium48511Russia46412France40413India40314Mexico39315Chile30116Brazil20617Greece20018Romania16619Hungary15920Sweden14621Argentina13522Colombia12423Netherlands12224Ireland10925South Africa10726Republic of Korea10727VietNam10528Switzerland10029Belarus9130Peru8031Croatia7732Austria7533Portugal6934Norway6835Malaysia6736Finland6737Japan6538Pakistan6339New Zealand6140Ukraine5941Philippines5842Venezuela5743Egypt5544United Arab Emirates5445Taiwan5146Israel5147Denmark5148Hong Kong5049Poland4750Bulgaria4451Singapore4452Serbia4253Ecuador4154Indonesia3755Thailand3356Saudi Arabia3357Czech Republic3058Azerbaijan2959Republic of Macedonia2760Costa Rica2761Uruguay2562Slovenia2363Bolivia2264Estonia2165Cyprus1966Dominican Republic1867Nigeria1868Guatemala1769Slovakia1770Bangladesh1671Luxembourg1672Puerto Rico1573Sri Lanka1574Paraguay1375Iran1376Mongolia1277Bosnia-Herzegovina1278El Salvador1279Kazakhstan1180Kuwait1181Malta1082Lithuania1083Albania984Moldova985Morocco986Latvia987Kenya988Brunei889Honduras890Lebanon891Trinidad and Tobago892Tunisia893Nepal794Kyrgyzstan795Qatar796Afghanistan697Panama698Georgia699Mauritius5100Bahrain5101Syria5102Oman4103Cambodia4104Iceland4105Uzbekistan4106Jamaica4107Libya3108New Caledonia3109Guernsey and Jersey3110Ethiopia3111Madagascar3112Jordan3113Réunion3114Haiti3115Monaco3116Maldives2117Caribbean Netherlands2118Cuba2119Nicaragua2120Eritrea2121Algeria2122Guam2123Bhutan2124Cameroon2125Cayman Islands2126Armenia2127Sudan2128TCI2129Myanmar2130Martinique1131Malawi1132Montenegro1133Namibia1134Isle of Man1135Palestine1136Iraq1137Guadeloupe1138Grenada1139Greenland1140San Marino1141Sao Tome and Principe1142Ghana1143Sierra Leone1144Fiji1145Somalia1146Dominica1147Côte d'Ivoire1148Cape Verde1149Tajikistan1150Virgin Islands (U.S.)1151Zimbabwe1152Tuvalu1153Uganda1154Barbados1155Angola1156Vanuatu1157Andorra1

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Main Bus Voltage V
Altitude km
Speed km/s
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Launch Timeline

DeploymentDec. 6 2017, 22:40.22 • UTC Altitude 452.2 km
Solar InhibitDec. 6 2017, 22:40.30 • UTC
TX Inhibit Hold30 minutes
First ContactDec. 6 2017, 23:11.00 • UTC "Hello Igor"
X Axis Solar
Array Deployment
Dec. 6 2017, 23:14.30 • UTC
Y Axis Solar
Array Deployment
Dec. 6 2017, 23:14.30 • UTC
Primary CONOPDec. 6 2017, 23:16.00 • UTC

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We welcome Asgardian citizens to upload your files to А for transfer to the Asgardia-1 satellite! Files storage will also be available on other Asgardia satellites and platforms in the future.

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of Asgardia
of Asgardia
Head of Nation


Asgardian population of more than one million people is spread across various cities around the globe. Cornerstone of the idea of uniting them all in one Nation is the creation of strong local communities where residents who live in the same city can communicate and coordinate their activities. The leaders of such Asgardian communities are Mayors.

Mayoral Elections Map Click for Full Size
Mayoral Elections Map Click for Full Size

Why we created Asgardia

Asgardia was created with three top goals in mind: to ensure the peaceful use of space, to protect the Earth from space hazards, and to create a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space.

Asgardia also has a long-term objective of setting up habitable platforms in space and building settlements on the Moon. We believe that the creation of a new legal platform for the exploration of near-Earth and deep space is crucial to keep pace with humanity’s rapid technological and scientific expansion off-planet. Universal space law and astro-politics have to replace the current outdated international space law and geopolitics.

Creating the linguistic map of planet Earth will give us a new way to look at humanity and its geographic boundaries.

Igor Ashurbeyli
Head of Nation
Full Biography

Become a part of a movement that will define the future of humanity’s expansion off-planet. Join a global multi-cultural transnational community of like-minded space and science visionaries, forging a new future in space together.

Become an Asgardian
Become an Asgardian
National Symbols of Asgardia
Coat of arms

Asgardia's coat of arms symbolises the unity of all Asgardians on Earth and beyond. The golden circle at the base – the sun – is the center of our Solar system, the foundation for growth and prosperity of all Asgardians from all Earthly countries. Encircling it is the motto of Asgardia: One Humanity – One Unity. The coat of arms has a crown on top as a symbol of constitutional monarchy.

National Symbols
of Asgardia

The words and music of Asgardia national anthem were written by the famous German composer Michael Klubertanz. The first line of lyrics – “Pale blue dot hanging in the sky” – was inspired by the famous picture of Earth that Voyager 1 took in 1990, reminding us of our fragility, and the fact that we only have this one planet to call home. The anthem was performed for the first time ever on 25 of July 2018 at the inauguration ceremony of Head of Nation in Vienna’s Hofburg Palace.

National Symbols of Asgardia

The flag of Asgardia symbolises the place of the First Space Nation in our solar system. The bright yellow circle in the center represents the sun, positioned against a dark blue backdrop — the sky. Nine yellow orbits symbolise the nine planets of our Solar System. Three white external orbits stand for humanity's infinite possibilities in space, discoveries yet to come, and Asgardia's role in this future.