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July 12, 0001 / July 27, 2017
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TOTAL: 278808

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  • 177 Iceland
  • 178 French Polynesia
  • 179 Barbados
  • 180 Asgardia
  • 181 Vanuatu
  • 182 French Guiana
  • 183 New Caledonia

New way to be heard: petitions now open to all Asgardians

As with any successful nation, the relationship between leaders and their constituents must be reciprocal. For the leaders to hear your thoughts, hopes and concerns, there's now a mechanism for communicating the issues you care about. As such, any Asgardian can create a petition, and it will be published to the petitions page on our website.

You can petition any leader, including the Head of Nation, and any branch of the Asgardian government. You need 1,000 signatures for the petition to be reviewed.

A resident of Pokrovsk filed a petition on cancellation of a license fee for

At a record close distance closer to the Earth, one of the most unusual known to mankind comets, comet 41P/tuttle — Giacobini — Kresak. Now it is possible to see not only the telescope but also binoculars.

Asman Dali Pokrovsk


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