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Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 11:27 UTC

Witam wszystkich !! Niech moc będzie z wami

Hello everybody !! May the Force be with you

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 11:05 UTC
To the national ideology of Space Kingdom of Asgardia.

To the national ideology of Space Kingdom of Asgardia.
Today it is becoming clear that in Asgardia there is a shortage of ideological approaches to understanding the reality surrounding us, there is no understanding of the near and more distant goals of the development of society in the ...

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 10:50 UTC

Теряя веру в государство - мы вынужденны создать свое!

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 10:33 UTC

I don't agree to fees

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 10:24 UTC

I am a great believer in win/win solutions to problems, thinking outside the box, and inclusion of everyone as equals. Everyone has their optimal form of contribution, and all are needed. I have been an emergency medical professional, and a mediator, both of which make me well suited for ...

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 10:11 UTC

Born to make future

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 09:30 UTC

I will make everything for your better future.

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 08:27 UTC




When I was a little child, I always dreamed about the human in the space. So sad I know it is just science fictions. However, it is the time that the science fictions became science facts.

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 07:59 UTC

I really want to keep up and follow all things relating to Asgardian Security/ Defense. It will become more important as Asgardia really takes off and becomes recognized.

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 07:01 UTC
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Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 06:14 UTC

My platform is my Facebook profile, you can add me or message me if you have any ideas for the future of our nation, questions or anything you would like to know. I’m here to create activities in Toulouse and take advantage of the beautiful parks and activities around ...

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 05:56 UTC

Hello everyone,

My name is Simon johnson and I am running for mayor for our region.

Like many of us I have stared into the night sky and wonder what we can achieve if we had the stars and planets at our fingertips.


Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 04:47 UTC

I am so glad to be part of this Kingdom.
I hope Asgardia became a real-place in the space, became a real-country that everyone have been imagining of.

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 04:16 UTC

Tahukah Anda bahwa pintu garasi dapat menyumbang sebanyak 30% dari bagian depan rumah? Itu umum bagi orang untuk menggunakan mereka pintu garasi e ven lebih sering daripada pintu depan mereka, tetapi kebanyakan dari kita jarang pernah berhenti untuk memberikan tampilan yang lebih dekat.


Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 02:42 UTC
Beyond the horizon of events: contemporary cosmology.

Beyond the horizon of events: contemporary cosmology.

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 02:45 UTC
Financial contributions are welcome: Banco do Brasil Agência 6761-X Conta: 906061-8
Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 02:42 UTC!Ar5QW7Or0liTcx0N2bob56wgtnU
Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 02:36 UTC

Como estudiante de Administración Publica y Ciencias Politicas, comprometido con una buena gobernanza, la ciudadanía activa, la probidad y la transparencia, manifiesto mis intención de contribuir con todo mi conocimiento para hacer de Chile un miembro activo de Asgardia.

Me postulo al cargo porque creo en la ...

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 02:20 UTC

I’m officially done with this group I have resigned as an MP elect. I’m tired of being shut out and ignored because I can’t afford to travel the globe. I wish you the best but I’m out.

Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 01:23 UTC
Work sincerely, Work Smart, Work Completely, also Pray and Share
Aug 3, 02 / Aug 15, 18 23:54 UTC

Güçlü Bir Kocaeli Büyük Asgardia Belediyesi İçin Herkese Şimdiden Teşekkür Ediyorum Uzayı Güzel Kafayla Yaşamak Beni İsimli Beni Seçmek Tavsiye Ederim İÇİN Hap, Ot, İçki Stokları İle Uzayda Uzayı Yaşayacaksınız “Şeker Attım Asgardia Yollarına Patlayarak Gel Kollarıma” Yerli Slogan İle Çıktı Yollara Durmak ...