Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 23:34 UTC
For the moment, we are Earthlings. Until we leave the third rock from the Sun, we'll stay Earthlings. The closest floating ball to us is the Moon. Put the Sun and Moon next to each other in the sky and if you calculate the size and distance of both, from ...
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 19:41 UTC
«Земля превратится в огромный мозг». Как Никола Тесла предсказал наш мир.
В 1926 году журнал Collier’s опубликовал разговор с изобретателем Николой Тесла. Содержание беседы по тем временам было шокирующим — да и сейчас весьма любопытно. Жизнь пчел станет правилом для человеческой расы, говорит знаменитый ученый Никола Тесла. Надвигается новый половой порядок, в котором женщины будут играть главенствующую роль. Мы будем общаться ...
Aph 12, 03 / Oct 19, 19 00:33 UTC
A bee hive in space?
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 20:57 UTC
Precognition. Time to start being afraid? :)
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 18:32 UTC
3753 Cruithne was dubbed as Earth's second moon, but it's not true. It's an Aten asteroid, about 5 kilometers in diameter, that orbits the Sun in a bean-shaped orbit that effectively describes a horseshoe. Its period of revolution is approximately 364 days, because of this, Cruithne and Earth appear to ...
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 18:26 UTC
Klaus Slenzka, Business unit head in OHB, shares thoughts on Asgardia's mission and #ASICspace at the Congress https://youtu.be/_jYZcwezRoA
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 17:49 UTC
Our congress
Our Space Science and Investment Congress was great! Thanks everybody for sharing your thoughts, knowledge and dreams! The presentation I gave on the third day, the accompanying poster and my story on my need to emigrate to space in some 15 years from now, can be found on www.MADmelange.space/Asgardia . ...
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 16:19 UTC
Asgardia Space News Daily Digest - October 18, 2019
Here's your daily news digest! Catch up on all of the amazing articles posted by the Asgardia Space News team! ASIC2019 Paving the Road to Living in Space: Asgardia Science & Investment Congress 2019 Wraps Up https://asgardia.space/en/news/Paving-the-Road-to-Living-in-Space-ASIC-2019-Wraps-Up What ISS astronauts do to prevent their bodies from deterioration? Can synthetic human ...
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 14:25 UTC
All-Female Spacewalk Is Happening! Watch It Live
A historic moment is finally here, both astronauts have spacesuits that fit and they are going in outer space! https://bit.ly/2qs8JlH #AsgardiaSpaceNews
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 11:53 UTC
THE WORLD CHANGED: The first horror novel divided by season!
The world changed, the first horror novel divided by seasons, the first season is now available in the official blog. A mysterious storm has enveloped the entire planet, wiping out everything in front of it. Few survivors will wake up in a totally new world, made up of mysterious events ...
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 11:04 UTC
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 10:42 UTC
ENG: I offer my sincere regards to all my followers. As usual, I found myself at the bookstore over the weekend. There are so many books to guide us and know about the future !. But I never thought I'd meet an astronaut's book. It was a big and beautiful ...
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 10:20 UTC
Do not let what you cannot do, tear from your hands what you can. 🙏🏿
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 06:07 UTC
Smart Phone Update
iOS 13.1.3 and iPadOS 13.1.3 updates aim fix remaining bugs 16 October 2019 Apple’s been rapidly pushing updates to polish the experience provided by iOS 13 as early adopters found a higher than usual number of bugs. The latest iOS/iPadOS 13.1.3 release aims to iron out the remaining mishaps. iOS ...
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 05:51 UTC
Indian Space Research
New Delhi: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Monday released the first illuminated images of the lunar surface which were captured by Chandrayaan-2’s Imaging Infrared Spectrometer (IIRS) payload. The ISRO released the images on its Twitter account showing part of the lunar farside in the northern hemisphere. The image ...
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 04:21 UTC
Concluye el congreso de Ciencia e inversión
Hemos vivido un momento maravilloso y entusiasta escuchando las disertaciones de los científicos que de primera mano conocen y han estado en el espacio, también de quienes analizan y estudian los procesos de cambio que se dan en un cuerpo humanos al vivir en cero gravedad, cada uno de ellos ...
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 02:14 UTC
"Humans were too good at war, having practiced for most of their evolutionary timeline on their eternal enemy, the Humans." https://steemit.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02472-f282-gg-tho A tip of the hat rack towards the late, great, Sir Terry Pratchett.
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 01:53 UTC
Hey! Here's Iris Technologies, and after a long time without any activity, we believe that Asgardia, as a formed nation(we believe it will happen eventually), need to produce its own top-quality software in terms of performance & functionality. So its time to move forward and develop our first C++ project(we ...
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 17:57 UTC
If it runs on linux for users then i am happy with it. :-)
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 01:29 UTC
Dr Jack Van Loon: 'Artificial Gravity for Childbirth, Life and Travel in Space'
Dr Jack Van Loon started his speech by saying that childbirth was 'not a trivial thing.' https://bit.ly/2Moeo4J
Aph 11, 03 / Oct 18, 19 01:09 UTC
Quero saber quando que eu vou viajar, quando vou poder arrumar as ,malas
Aph 10, 03 / Oct 17, 19 23:30 UTC
My name is Michael, I'm a Cannabis Master Grower in Canada and I'd like to start a project to fund our country better. I'm currently making millions and millions for a company...and can't help think I could do the same for our Country. I come to you all here in ...
Aph 10, 03 / Oct 17, 19 23:14 UTC
I'm claiming that title. I live in Canada, I've been growing 24 years and am responsible for thousands of assets costing millions of dollars. I really, really want to develop a brand based on "Asgardian Grown" and help fund this project and get us into space ASAP. I'm looking for ...