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My cv — Reaching higher, together

I am running for the office of Trendsetter so that I may better make a difference in Asgardia and help shape her future. It is expected that a candidate whom takes their campaign seriously to show the public a bit about themselves. Here are some of the details from the very CV I sent to


Mar 2015 — Present

Logistician, Optimizer, Equipment Operator

The company I presenty work for is a third party logistics and storage company that transports and stores all manner of materials for large clients all across the US, Canada, and Mexico. I started here as a basic heavy equipment operator and eventually, through dedication and hard work, I advanced to the dual rolls of Logistician and Optimizer. My career responsibilities include helping coordinate a vast fleet of commercial haulers (trucks, barges, ships, etc.), evaluating a variety of internal processes on a continual basis in multiple locations throughout the US and composing reports consisting of how to improve these processes, coordinating efforts between the Logistics and Production departments, compose daily reports on inbound and outbound inventory, debrief the Head of Operations weekly on changes in production and inventory, assist with internal audits of many facilities throughout the US, and aide in negotiating the terms of requisitioning new assets or contracts with new customers and vendors.

SK5 Mobile Services

Jan 2010 — Feb 2015

Property Manager

SK5 Mobile Services is a third party property management firm that manages medium to large properties for clients all across the Midwest region of the US. Here my duties entailed managing a number of properties of varying types and sizes (apartment suites, condos, mobile home parks, hotels, motels, resorts, etc.) simultaneously. I managed the operations budget of each property, kept accurate accounting logs, hired and managed all personnel on the installation or repair crews, set the salaries of the installation and repair contractors, ensured property expenses were kept up to date (utility bills, repair bills, supply costs, etc.), reviewed and processed all tenant applications, collected and processed all rent revenues from tenants, coordinated efforts with the company attorney to handle all legal matters (evictions, civil cases, etc.), handled all public outreach efforts, and negotiated with new potential clients.

Friendly Enterprises

Jul 2005 — Dec 2009

Foreman, Installer, Heavy Equipment Operator

Friendly Enterprises is a medium sized construction/installation company that specializes a diverse assortment of services, such as building or maintaining or repairing small or medium structures, paving roads or large scale concrete operations, installing mobile and temporary structures (mobile offices, mobile homes, etc.), carpentry, excavation, plumbing, electrical, septic, masonry, welding, fabrication, and more. Here I started as a basic apprentice and worked my way through various trades and eventually became a fulltime foreman and project manager. Daily duties included hiring and managing crews of diverse workers from many different disciplines, coordinating work efforts between the multiple crews to keep production progressive and to meet critical deadlines, continually assess progress and adjust manpower or equipment to ensure all project deadlines were met, estimate the costs of operations to potential clients and negotiate contracts, evaluate each project's conclusion to determine any and all flaws that must be addressed before final client walk-through, and much more.


-Certification in MIG/TIG welding

-Certification in Osha Worksite Safety and Security -Certification in Heavy Equipment Operation (grader, excavator, crane, scraper, loader [various kinds], bulldozer, backhoe, trencher)
-Certification in Installation (small to medium temporary structures) -Certification in Worksite Coordination and Leadership

-Certification in Basic First Aide -Certification in Asset Management -Certification in Basic Heavy Equipment Maintenance -Completed training course in Property Management

-Completed training course in Budget Management

-Completed training course in Art of the Deal Negotiation Tactics

-Completed training course in Large-scale Logistics

-Completed training course in Process Optimization


Scarlet Oaks Trade Academy

Aug 2005 — Aug 2006

NCCER Trade Certification

Learned the details of heavy equipment operation (many differing kinds), grading, earthworks, MIG/TIG welding, worksite leadership, fabrication, asset management, and project coordination.

Ohio State University

Mar 2012 — Present

Aerospace Engineering, Heavy Emphasis on Mechanical Design

Ongoing studies in the design and construction of various aircraft and spacecraft, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, material science, metallurgy, and mechanical design.

Ohio State University

Mar 2012 — Present

Advanced Applied Physics

Ongoing studies into various fields of physics, the underlying equations, and how they apply to real world applications beyond theoretical science.

Start Skydiving Drop Zone

Jun 2015 — Jul 2015

Accelerated Free Fall

Completed the eight-hour ground course, canopy control drills, parachute packing course, parachute preventative maintenance course, pre-dive written tests, post-dive oral tests, seven dives and demonstrating a firm grasp of specific basic skills with each jump, and the Accelerated Free Fall check dive.

Start Skydiving Drop Zone

A-License Progression Course

Jul 2015 — Oct 2015

Completed and passed all pre-dive written tests, completed and passed all post-dive oral tests, completed spotting course, passed spotting examination, completed directional heading training, passed directional heading examination, completed basic free fall maneuver training, passed basic free fall maneuver examination, completed basic parachute malfunction course, passed basic parachute malfunction written test, completed free fall docking training, passed free fall docking examination, completed basic free fall formation training, passed basic free fall formation examination, performed and passed all Coach jumps, performed and passed A-License check dive.

Start Skydiving Drop Zone

B-License Progression Course

Jun 2016 — Jun 2017

Completed and passed all pre-dive written tests, completed and passed all post-dive oral tests, completed water landing training, passed water landing examination, completed night jump training, passed night jump examination, completed advanced canopy control training, passed advanced canopy control examination, completed advanced free fall maneuver training, passed advanced free fall maneuver examination, completed advanced free fall formation training, passed advanced free fall formation examination, completed advanced canopy malfunction course, passed advanced canopy malfunction written test, successfully performed the twenty-four requisite jumps from A-License to B-License check dive, successfully performed and passed B-License check dive.

Start Skydiving Drop Zone

USPA Coach Rating Course

Jun 2016 — Jun 2017

Completed Coach rating course, passed Coach rating written test, successfully performed five dives in the capacity of a Coach, successful performed the requisite one hundred logged dives to obtain Coach rating with the United States Parachute Association.


-Free Climbing

-Mountaineering (soon to begin the Seven Summits Expedition)

-Skydiving (current B-License and Coach Rating holder with the United States Parachute Association)


-Scuba Diving (soon to hold deep sea certification)



-Knife Forging

-Model Building

-Deep Sea Fishing


I confidently believe I have accrued a variety of skills that will transition well to the role of Trendsetter or Ambassador. Having completed training courses in both Asset Management and Budget Management, I have the skills needed to regulate funding carefully and without waste.  Working as a Logistician, I understand well the intricacies of getting crucial supplies from one place to another undamaged and on time, and as an Optimizer I am trained to keep a constant eye on internal processes and devise ways to increase efficiency.

As a Property Manager, I have had many large assets under my watch and had to regulate a great number of variables simultaneously. I know how to work well with diverse groups and I am practiced with maintaining good relations with the public. I also completed a course called the Art of the Deal Negotiation Tactics, where I learned the science of carefully working out mutually beneficial and long-lasting deals involving multiple parties.

Having worked in the construction trades for years and getting certified in a few of them, I have experience working in the "everyday world" with "everyday people." The hard labor trades make up the backbone of any developing organization that hopes to expand its infrastructure and broaden its horizons. As a Foreman and Project Manager, I have brought multiple crews from diverse backgrounds and trained across many differing disciplines together to complete a larger project on time and to the required specifications. These skills will translate nicely over to office in Asgardia, as Asgardia will have numerous titanic projects needing completed and managed as it grows and has an extremely diverse populous that will complete this work.

I was raised to know there is something permanently useful that can be gained in every experience and used in later times. Even qualities I have picked up in my hobbies can be put to use in Asgardia. As a licensed skydiver, I have a great deal of practice in keeping my calm in dangerous or stressful situations and keeping focused on the tasks at hand. In knife forging, I have learned one can take a raw lump of nearly worthless material and, using great care and skill, can shape it into a useful tool. In model building and sailing, I have learned to concentrate and retain a careful eye for details. From Hiking, I take in the beauty and respect for our world and remember it is fragile and needing protected and preserved.

Even in my raising I have taken aspects I can use toward my goal of serving the good of Asgardia. My father, a retired colonel from the US Marine Corps., raised his sons and daughters to reach as high as possible, and to work ever harder to climb to those heights. From him I learned there are hard decisions in life, those with no easy answer, merely one solution being less terrible than another. I learned the light of logic best serves to guide us through these decisions. I also was taught to admit my limitations and when I am wrong, to seek out advice from those who know better rather than acting or making decisions in ignorance. Before my father retired, he performed security work for the US embassies abroad, and, having rank, was able to take some of  his family with him from place to place. I have been blessed to have traveled the world and gain a direct and in-person view of other cultures and to other ideologies.

I have gained a great deal of well-earned confidence in myself and even in others along this road I call life, and I truly believe I could make a fair candidate for office in Asgardia by using everything I have ever learned, even the seemingly insignificant things, to keep progressing forward.