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Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 20:09 UTC
Asgardian space telescope

Kepler, Humble, Glast, Galex, is just a few space telescopes that discovered a big part of our universe. Telescopes like these, made a major impact on humanity.

Not so long time ago, in our short period in human history. All that we knew about our universe came throught observations with the naked eye. Now we have allready come a long way  and should proceed with our investigation.

Tharefor I suggest an idea that even  Asgardian should construct an own space telescope to research and observe distant planets, galaxies and other astronomical objects.

Asgardians are curious people. Aren't we?


throuhgt hardships to the stars!

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 20:44 UTC

I agree and I'm sure it wont be long before we do! Great idea!

Oct 6, 01 / Oct 13, 17 13:42 UTC

Absolutely, we will not be left behind in the 21st century space race!

Dec 23, 01 / Dec 25, 17 08:09 UTC
Hi friend asgardian.. how are u'..??🤗😎
Jan 3, 02 / Jan 3, 18 20:13 UTC
HIII , nice to meet you my asgardian friend . I' m fine :) and you ?
May 6, 02 / Apr 28, 18 14:35 UTC
Hi im fine and you dear Asgardian n____n?