Jul 5, 01 / Jul 20, 17 00:01 UTC
Asgardia: the Great beyond

Hello fellow Asgardians, I am Christian M. Sheppard and I have long since dreamed of a future beyond this world. A future of a united people under a united purpose. A people, whos goal is to create, discover, and one day journey throughout the stars. To learn and experience new and marvelous things. Being part of this future is what I want. To pull forward the people of Earth and those to be in the grandiose space above. I joined for the philosophical and real world aspects of this program. I wish not to be just another bystander on the edge of greatness but to help lead us as a collective into the future. I am willing to spend my time to help lead us on our way to greatness and one day hope to be an ambassador for the great nation of Asgardia. That is my goal for the great beyond. That is my goal for us .

Thank you for reading