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The Bond number
    (Bo) -

     Causing Surface

    Prepare to be NANO - MANAGED

A Zeno Paradox – ‘immeasurably subtle and profound'?

‘’In fluid dynamics , the Eötvös number ( Eco ), also called the Bond number ( Bo ), is a dimensionless number measuring the importance of gravitational forces compared to surface tension forces and is used (together with the Morton number ) to characterize the shape of bubbles or drops moving in a surrounding fluid .’ (1)

Few people have never heard of the movie character ‘James Bond’. Most of his movies measure some ‘gravitational forces against surface tension forces ’.

We can find the ‘tongue in cheek - wit’ even in his favorite drink: medium dry martini, shaken not stirred . To shake a drink introduces small air bubbles into the mixture. A little digging unearths other interesting facts. ‘’ Martini is a brand of Italian vermouth , named after the Martini & Rossi Distilleria Nazionale di Spirito di Vino, in Turi n . ’’ (2)

Turin in Italy is well known as the home of the Shroud of Turin of course. (3) ‘’ The Shroud of Turin …. is a length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man who is alleged to be Jesus of Nazareth ? Pope John Paul II called the Shroud ‘a mirror of the Gospel’ .’’ (4)

The biblical ‘Book of James’ chapter 3:15 talks about three kinds of wisdom : more plainly put; sensual wisdom, worldly wisdom and devilish wisdom . Many scholars consider the book to have been written by ‘James’ the brother of Jesus . The whole book points out the three kinds of ‘wrong wisdom’ in contrast to that which it is constantly in opposition to 'Godly' wisdom . It is said that we only see our lives and where we are in a mirror at present .

‘’The Magic Mirror is a mystical object that is featured in the story of Snow White .’’ It is owned by an Evil Queen . Instead of doing some self - reflection and developing character, the queen called on an object with powers driven by an unseen, unknown force - to seek her answers from. (6)

‘’ Smoke and mirrors is an idiom for a deceptive , fraudulent or insubstantial explanation or description. The source of the name is based on magicians ' illusions , where magicians make objects appear or disappear by extending or retracting mirrors amid a distracting burst of smoke .

In the field of computer programming , it is used to describe a program or functionality that does not yet exist, but appears as though it does . This is often done to demonstrate what a resulting project will function/look like after the code is complete - at a trade show , for example.’’ (7)

‘’Zeno's paradoxes are a set of philosophical problems generally thought to have been devised by Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea (ca. 490–430 BC) to support Parmenides ' doctrine that contrary to the evidence of one's senses, the belief in plurality and change is mistaken. Some philosophers , however, say that Zeno's paradoxes and their variations (see Thomson's lamp ) remain relevant metaphysical problems . ’’ Who can forget the Paradoxes of motion like ‘Achilles and the tortoise’ , which plotted so many philosophers and physicists against each other?

In a race, the quickest runner can never overtake the slowest, since the pursuer must first reach the point whence the pursued started so that the slower must always hold a lead . - as recounted by Aristotle , Physics VI:9, 239b15 (8)

We are stuck in a world of mirrors, where our choices of which kind of mirror we choose to check our metaphysical reflection in - has never been so crucial as maybe right now.

We must ‘telescope’ ourselves to see where each one of us are at , in our growth as spiritual beings , clothed in fleshly garments . We must take an inventory of whom we look up to and why? We must check our rearview mirrors.

‘’In 2002, a planned space telescope , originally called the Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST), was renamed the J ames W ebb S pace T elescope as a tribute to Webb. NASA's planned James Webb Space Telescope was renamed in Webb's honor in 2002. This telescope, to be launched in October 2018, is referred to as "the Hubble successor.

James Edwin Webb (October 7, 1906 - March 27, 1992) was an American government official who served as the second administrator of NASA from February 14, 1961, to October 7, 1968.

Webb oversaw NASA from the beginning of the Kennedy administration through the end of the Johnson administration, thus overseeing all the critical first manned launches in the Mercury through Gemini programs, until just before the first manned Apollo flight. He also dealt with the Apollo 1 fire .” (9)

‘’ The longer wavelengths enable JWST to look much closer to the beginning of time and to hunt for the unobserved formation of the first galaxies, as well as to look inside dust clouds where stars and p lanetary systems are forming today. ’’ (10)

Webb was notorious for being a difficult man regarding work ethics . When Webb offered George E. Mueller a job at NASA as director of manned space flight programs, a lot of people predicted that after what happened to his predecessor, ‘he would have to be a quiet plugger who never argued with his boss. However later the same people wrote, he was a quiet man, but that the forecasted image, ended right there! He was a brilliant scientist they said who when convinced that he was right would fight until he dropped . People soon discovered that a news article regarding his own strict work ethic was right on target . (11)

Like James E. Webb in modern times the space trailblazer – Elon Musk – is also said to be difficult to work for.

In recent interviews Elon Musk admitted being a bit, OCD, concerning one point; he is far beyond the point of being a micromanager . He calls himself a Nano - manager and says it’s a bad recipe for happiness. (12) At the same time, he encourages people to take risks, add high value to life and others but only chase down ideas and ideals which have merit . Other than that, he prompts people to not reason by analogy only but from first principles . You boil things down to fundamental truths and reason up from there. (13)

The quality needed to work with the finer mechanics of getting something into space , be it man or tech - ENDS and BEGINS - with - only two words - detail to Nanoparticle level and planning .


It bears questions, of how we should measure people under different circumstances . Do we not want people like the writer of the book of James to zoom in on how we conduct our inner lives ? What drives us and how it drives us , leaves a definite reflection on our conduct and henceforth the outside world.

We are to fall into position to get rid of the false ‘heroes’, like the ‘James Bond’s’ portrayed in movies. The sticky, fluid-like characters; Mama always warns her children against .

WE SHOULD carry those and encourage those who Nano - manage those fine details , which could mean the difference between life and death and progression .

Civilization must starve the false - magic mirror . Garbage in garbage out - is probably the biggest lie on the planet. Garbage in - stays, unless robustly removed, diligently and proactively and catalytically.

It starts with things like not putting on the telly and watching a Bond movie, to ‘relax’ - you will only be stirred - garbage in -

If Asgardia is to be a place of peace, progression, purity and good governance - we must start first with our selves. It is impossible to clarify our expectations as individuals of leadership if we cannot discern right from wrong and get stuck in the wrong kinds of wisdom, more often than not.

We must slow down, take ZENO at his word. Take note of what is causing ‘surface tension’ in our lives, so much so that it leaves us stirred inside in the wrong manner.  We have to zoom in on peace of heart and mind!


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