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Jul 14, 01 / Jul 29, 17 11:56 UTC
The dawn of aquarius

Asgardia is an attempt to break the tensions and to change the logic that imposed us the contemporary society.

my goal is to unite our visions so that we can achieve the best possible result for each one of us . I look forward to the future. together we can build the way, the destination and we can open new horizons for humanity

for a nation that believes in its citizens and they trust it.

Sep 27, 01 / Oct 6, 17 01:41 UTC

Sorry ,if I ask you a very easy question. Who was George Pompidou ? Was he your former leader ? Thank you

Oct 3, 01 / Oct 10, 17 16:03 UTC

hello, happy that we talk. I'm not sure what you mean or why you say it. I am not politically conservative. I believe in , (I still write my theory). I hope that in time we will meet and understand each other better. Yours sincerely.

Sep 27, 01 / Oct 6, 17 01:41 UTC

Sorry ,if I ask you a very easy question. Who was George Pompidou ? Was he your former leader ? Thank you

Oct 3, 01 / Oct 10, 17 16:09 UTC

when I said meet, Ι meant we will talk more.

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 17:13 UTC

Hi Dlga, Just so you know, only locals (geographically) can vote this level, you should change to strategist or above

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 18:07 UTC
 Hello my friend Chris. Thank you for your comment. I have not been self-confident with the English language yet. Nor with the modern means of communication. I also do not have enough time to give at this time. After I publish my pettition, I will ...
Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 18:13 UTC

It's no shock to me that there are a multitude of us, and now we can unite! I've tried to bring us together in years past through similar means, but never got this far.

Dec 10, 01 / Dec 12, 17 17:56 UTC

Thank you for accepting my friend request

Dec 26, 01 / Dec 28, 17 12:45 UTC
friend request please
Feb 21, 02 / Feb 18, 18 23:50 UTC
I would like to have your attention on my profile. I am a candidate for the parliament of Asgardia and I would like you to vote for me. I want to have your confidence so that we can make dreams come true.
Feb 25, 02 / Feb 22, 18 06:39 UTC
Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ ευγενικά που μοιράζεστε το χρόνο σας για να υποστηρίξετε την καμπάνια μου, Όλγα! Θαυμάζω τη δύναμη του ελληνικού λαού, αν και θλιβερό ότι ο Αλέξης Τσίπρας δεν τιμήσε την υπόσχεσή του στους ανθρώπους. Μπορούμε όλοι να δημιουργήσουμε κάτι καλύτερο, αυτό μπορεί να γίνει ένα πρότυπο για τον ...
Mar 3, 02 / Feb 28, 18 02:22 UTC
Hello my friend!!! Who voted for Jean Martinelli, my brother, I am already endorsing the vote as well. Please endorse your vote again for my brother. Gratitude!!!
Mar 5, 02 / Mar 2, 18 10:41 UTC
Hello Friend Olga, the countdown of the final round of voting begins, so I invite you please to confirm again your vote. If you are an undecided voter, I advertise you please to check my updated profile. If your are satisfied and convinced by my Parliamentary program, vote for me ...
Mar 6, 02 / Mar 3, 18 15:16 UTC
I voted for you because I believe you have a good platform and will be an amazing leader. Please check out my platform: Vote for me!!!
Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 05:16 UTC
Nice one! By the way, I have voted for and you hope as you will take the time to looking my platform before to vote for me. PS. please, no vote exchange, vote for me only if you like my platform I need vote but only real one only.
Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 10:53 UTC
Hello !!! I read your platform and I voted for you. I invite you to know my campaign, and return your vote for me. Access my profile and vote for me. All the Best !!!
Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 23:19 UTC
Hello, I read your platform and very impressived. That's why I voted for you. Could you please vote for me, if you like my campaign. All the Best !!!
Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 06:46 UTC
Hello dear Mam I have observed your campaign and it is too much interesting. Personally I like this and voted for you. can you please visit my candidate platform and read my campaign. If you like then please give a vote for me. I'm active here since last 5-6 days ...
Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 07:29 UTC
Well that you are a Mary Panagiotara is enough for me to vote for you. For the friends that didnt understand, Miss Mary Panagiotara was/is a legentary greek woman, working mother and very very good house keeper. A song (famous one) was writen for her.
Mar 10, 02 / Mar 7, 18 07:23 UTC
Hello !!! I read your platform and I voted for you. I invite you to know my campaign, and return your vote for me. Access my profile and vote for me please. All the Best !!!
Apr 2, 02 / Mar 27, 18 23:03 UTC
wow .. quite impressed. Wishing you and your family the best! I like the title you chose: The dawn of Aquarius!
Apr 8, 02 / Apr 2, 18 22:46 UTC
Congratulations on the clean and honest campaign, worthy of an Asgardian. In the days leading up to the parliamentary elections in Asgardia, I met people highly qualified to hold a post in Parliament, but for some reason failed to achieve this goal. What I have to say to these extraordinary ...
Apr 9, 02 / Apr 3, 18 07:31 UTC
Lucio, your thought is impressively good and inspires us in the right direction.
Apr 9, 02 / Apr 3, 18 17:34 UTC
Dear Asgardian Brothers! Tomorrow 04-04, we remember the 50 years of the death of the "Man who had a dream". Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the perssonalities that had great influence in my formation. I do not need to tell you how much this man has been or ...
Jan 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 10:49 UTC
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