Jul 14, 01 / Jul 29, 17 13:40 UTC
It's time to build

Good to all, as some will know I have been actively participating in the forums and even the second draft of the constitution and I have seen that it is time to take the decisions that are necessary to take in asgardia, after thinking for weeks I have decided to try to get a nomination in parliament, I will not give complacency to groups so thousands of people left, without a voice, who speak loud a total modification of the system of government proposed by the NGOs,  my proposals that I will take to the parliament would be:

1) Change from the proposed system of constitutional monarchy to a parliamentary system and work side by side with the Skieswanne-Ghodrati Draft-LoreZyra

h ttps://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/constitution-132/topic/which-constitution -would-you-want-if-you-had-to-choose-today-5452 /) where I think the government system that all Asgardians want Link we most likely implement


2 )Put the UBI as a priority before the creation of ASGARDIA:

there is a unique opportunity, thanks to the blockhain of being able to implement a UBI in a massive way regardless of which nationality you belong to, I believe that asgardia must within its primacy ensure the security and happiness of all Its citizens no matter in what conditions and where they are and the only way its to protect our citizens from poverty, inequality and misery is to implement with all the citizens of asgardia a UBI and to bank as soon as possible to all its citizens

4)Working on the SOLAR INITIATIVE:

In which it consists ?, in the creation of a national currency for dual-functioning asgardia, physical money (second phase) and as crytocurrency (first phase) the official crytocurrency  will be  ICO, this currency is needed Of programmers, web designers, experts in computer security and why NOT?, white hats and bankers that can help us, SOLAR INITIATIVE , would include the creation of a high quality web platform, servers that can support the transactions that are done with it, revision Periodic of the program and also future renumeracion of the programmers involved

The solar initiative can be invested by means of an ICO, that is to say by means of a crowfunding fomented by the NG'S of asgardia and of there it creates an entire amphrastructure for the crytopbanking

These tokens handled by etherum are based on backing the token with a real value and By means of intelligent contracts distribute the resources in a global way. I think that working on it can be a game changer regarding introducing a nation to the UN

The concept of cryptobanking I have been watching for more than 1 year and I want the national bank of asgardia in conjunction with the solar initiative to allow the Asgardians to enter the  cryptobanking era This is an example of what I am talking about

5) Be able to establish a terrestrial base for asgardia ,

as they know there have been many conflicts on the purchase of a terrestrial base or not, I think that as our concept of one humanity one unity I think that it is necessary to join efforts, divisions it have occurred for that reason I have been thinking of implementing the Special Administrative Region regions to all territories that want to join the initiative of asgardia, (that includes initiatives given by asgardia community),

I think that having a special administrative region avoids considering that part of that territory as part of the nation of asgardia until it is recognized by the UN and it would allow cities where Asgardians with special facilities can meet, form community and even more actively interact with Its citizens, we have a problem mainly is to declare ourselves as a nation because we have to adhere to the Outer Space Treaty something that igor does not agree, however,  we can not evade the debate for the change in the UN, the  changes necessary to create our space Nation and for this we have to be recognized by our terrestrial nations and for this we have to fulfill the requirements of a permanent population, a defined territory, a flag, an insignia and anthem

6) Establish the best infrastructure for the creation of our land bases (or arks):

we could say that there are many initiatives where engineers, aquitects and even dreamers can join, I have seen from groups from geodesic houses to distributed Hydroponics systems but for this it is necessary People who want to be with me side by side to make it happen

One of the most interesting projects I've seen is the venus proyect, some will have listened to it but I hope I can use some blueprints of this project to create the ground bases, I can not say that I was the proponent of the project because it would appeal to all but I want to make it a reality even in a small city

Oct 22, 01 / Oct 29, 17 14:46 UTC

Me parece que lo que planteaste en tu Campaña es acorde a lo que Asgardia propone, es decir, los valores de Asgardia se ven reflejados en tu planteo.asi que mí voto es tuyo. Haz las cosas bien, "one unity, one humanity".

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 00:06 UTC