Aug 8, 01 / Aug 20, 17 02:13 UTC
Application for strategist removed

I would like to inform about something that happened while checking my blog I saw something that worries me about the candidacies for stretagist was removed by an administrator this is something that asgardian I am worried this is something that is small however this can have big repercussions for example Let's say that candidates A, B or C have proposals other than those proposed by the NGOs do not mean that they are in absolute opposition and some moderador removed the candidacies B or C that are not in the political line of the NGO And although they do not have the possibility to win or even do not have the necessary people, I have some ideas that many will know in reading my statements that many are with the change by a system of constitutional monarchy for something different, however I agree that Igor Ashurbely must have a decisive role for the future of asgardia must have  the necesary checks with the parliamentary system I always think that every Head of state and official government  must be able to make impeachment in case of a decision making that endanger the  people of asgardia (an example send the city of asgard to the sun for example)

Those cases that do not believe it happen every day and if I come from a presidential system of government and with all the controls introduced could not prevent  a failed state, run by a narco government and there are many foreign interests That this is maintained even if people starve to death

When the conference took place with Lena de Wine, it was said that asgardia should not be involved in terrestrial problems, however, we can not turn our backs because humanity comes from there and does not face it or give intelligent solutions will only make it worse, poverty, immigration , Scarcity, terrorism, isis daesh, hezbollaw, racism, things that we can not give back and unfortunately if we do not face it intelligently we will only make them reach our doors

I dissent with respect to not having a base or a city in the future under the jurisdiction of asgardia I believe that it is important to be able to organize our community to meet face to face and to have relations of friendship, love and collaboration that will make that in the future our nation can be United and able to face the challenges of creating asgard that I believe that in 100 years our children have to give them all the tools to enjoy the fruit of our work to start

Without more to say and waiting for answer of asgardia space, wishes you all good night

Aug 15, 01 / Aug 27, 17 07:21 UTC

Hi Alberto,
There may be many reasons for the elections team moderators to remove a candidacy post.
If you wish, you may contact the elections team directly to discuss the issue. The email to contact them on is " ".


Aug 17, 01 / Aug 29, 17 02:21 UTC

They explained it to me, thanks