Sep 4, 01 / Sep 13, 17 09:53 UTC

I have only lived thirty years... And yet in that time I feel as though I have accomplished wonders. Looking back, I wonder how I came to be where I am today. I remember the arduous journey, I see the results now, but I still stand in awe I have made so much progress... I have traveled the world, thanks to my father doing security work for the US embassies while in the US Marine Corps, completed my black belt in Tai-Kwon-Do after beginning training in the art at eight years old, free-climbed an eight-hundred-foot tall stone spire called by locals the Rock of Yorin with my father, friends, and other family, won several small local surfing competitions in California and Hawaii, took a career in logistics as a Logistician and Optimizer, study Aerospace Engineering and Advanced Applied Physics at the best school a guy could ever hope to attend, achieved my A- and B-License with the United States Parachute Association for skydiving along with Coach Rating, about to embark on the beginnings of the Seven Summits Expedition next year after a month of mountaineering training in Iceland, and much more.

How does anyone do so much in so little time? Persistence and family and friends kicking me forward every step of the way. Between all of my parents' marriages I have eight brothers and five sisters. Between the guys, growing up was a healthy competition. Blood, sweat, and tears were the currency spent to achieve the next objective.  Having a father who could be hard and unforgiving at exactly the right times and kind and caring at other times gave me the confidence to pursue any damn thing I fancy to master. Impossible is a reckless word; the earlier it is abandoned the better. This little blog post is a tribute to the time and care invested in me by my parents, siblings, friends, teachers, instructors, role models, and mentors growing up and now.

I thank each and every one of you for making me who I am today. I would've stumbled and been lost long ago without you. It would take more space than I have here to list you all, but you know who you are. From the very core of my being: Thank You!!! Blue skies my friends, and may we forever reach higher together.

Oct 28, 01 / Nov 4, 17 20:23 UTC

persistence yes but opportunity as well, sounds like you were given both

Nov 17, 01 / Nov 21, 17 13:47 UTC

We all have opportunity each and every day we breathe, my good friend. Every day alive is another chance to start the journey to achieve something more. And opportunity is wasted without the persistence to follow through with one's goals.

Nov 17, 01 / Nov 21, 17 07:12 UTC

Thank You, I'm going to quote you." Impossible" is a reckless word best abandoned. Thank You

Nov 17, 01 / Nov 21, 17 13:48 UTC

If this little tribute inspired you, it was worth every word! Thanks for reading it and I wish you all the best.

Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 21:06 UTC
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