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Oct 5, 01 / Oct 12, 17 17:02 UTC
Moscow conference - the Rundown

Press Conference in Moscow - Rundown

Today, on the Anniversary of Asgardia’s founding, the Head of our Nation, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli held a press conference in Moscow. The spirit of the conference was to address the primary outcomes of the first year and a look to the future of our nation to see what activity we might expect to see on the horizon. While this conference did raise some questions about the future, it certainly painted a picture of continued progress, productivity and an undeniable air of legitimacy. The future certainly looks exciting for the nation of Asgardia.

This document contains my rundown of some of the points that really stood out. If you’d like to review the press conference, you can watch it here .

Government & Elections

One of the hot topics facing the future of Asgardia will be our elections, there will be 150 parliamentary positions that will be divided up based on the language principle, rather than geography. The language figures are based on languages that people have selected on their national profiles.

  1. It was confirmed that today was the official start of the election period following a re-design of the website.
  2. Asgardia does not recognize earthly borders and so the elections for parliament will be based on language and the split of parliamentary places will be as follows:
    1. English was the top language and there will be 68 places on parliament.
    2. Chinese was second with 23 places.
    3. Turkish was third with 16 places.
    4. Spanish came in fourth and will hold 15 places.
    5. Italian: 5
    6. French: 4
    7. Russian: 4
    8. Arabic: 4
    9. Portuguese: 3
    10. German: 3
    11. Farsi: 2
    12. Japanese: 1
    13. Other: 2
  3. The Parliamentary Elections are due to come to a conclusion by March 2018
  4. All Asgardians are asked to take Pride and Participation in the Parliamentary elections.
  5. There are plans to launch the Post Office of Asgardia, stamps are expected to be available from December this year.
  6. Once Parliament is elected, in the following months the members of the Court, Chamber of accounts and supreme council will also be elected.
  7. Head of Nation affirms that we’re building a serious nation, not a fake nation or a vide-game and that we’re trying to move fast, but not so fast that we outstrip the law and establishment of laws which could harm our entry to the UN.

Currency & Finance

It seems that plans and progress on this front are really starting to pick up as Asgardia reaches some pretty important milestones.

  1. Asgardia has been formally registered as an NGO in Vienna.
  2. Asgardians are asked to provide charitable support.
  3. The compensation of all functionaries will be done through Asgardia NGO starting next year.
  4. Functionaries will not exceed 1% of the total number of citizens.
  5. The budget will be published on the website.
  6. In a serious victory for Asgardia, SOLAR (SOL) was registered formally on October 05 2017 by Europe and is classified as intellectual property.
  7. More details on the cryptocurrency are due to be released once the central bank has been formed.
  8. SOLAR is said to be ‘tied to the mass of the moon.’

Business & Jobs

Asgardia affirms its commitment to the business of investment in startups with a capital fund of 1 million Euros to fund startups.

  1. Asgardia, the country of space start-ups will seed capital of 1 million euros which can increase to an unlimited amount due to the sale of shares to Asgardian Citizens and investors. More details will be released once the ministry of finance has been formed.

Space & Exploration

Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli shared some of his visions for the future of Asgardia as we work towards becoming the first space nation.

  1. It was suggested that we could be looking at creating an orbital network of satellites in the next 5-7 years and that ideally, the head of the nation wishes that in his lifetime, he will be able to go to the moon or spend some time on an orbital Ark.
  2. Asgardia-1 is due to launch and a press conference is scheduled to be held in Washington following the subsequent (successful) launch of the Satellite.
  3. The 3 localities of Asgardia are said to be our Earthly locality such as spaceport, programming and flight centre, the next is the orbital network and the third would be moon-based settlements. At the moment there are no plans to go further, but the head of the nation said that those younger people may “visit mars.”

Security & Defence

Asgardia reaffirms it’s mission to peacefully protect humanity from external threats.

  1. Asgardia will have no security / military presence on earth.
  2. Asgardia’s primary objective would be to defend the earth from threats.
  3. Asgardia will look to provide a space-fleet that will be based in orbit.
  4. The Fleet will not be designed to engage in conflicts on earth.
  5. The Asgardian Fleet will defend all humanity, regardless of earthly divides, from space threats such as asteroids and other threats.

I am currently running as a strategist and I could use your support!

Please take a couple of minutes to look at my candidate profile and lend me your support

Oct 5, 01 / Oct 12, 17 17:12 UTC

Thank you, Ross! You are doing a great job!

Oct 5, 01 / Oct 12, 17 18:46 UTC

Thank you, Ross, always doing a fascinating job.

Oct 5, 01 / Oct 12, 17 19:48 UTC

@Talamon, @Marcos Echevarria - Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to a productive year for Asgardia. :)

Oct 6, 01 / Oct 13, 17 01:49 UTC

You are very productive and thoughtfull Ross. Thumb up

Oct 6, 01 / Oct 13, 17 03:11 UTC
  • Asgardia, the country of space start-ups will seed capital of 1 million euros which can increase to an unlimited amount due to the sale of shares to Asgardian Citizens and INVESTORS. I like that job. Selling the shares to My FELLOW countrymen INVESTORS.
Oct 6, 01 / Oct 13, 17 11:23 UTC

As always, a brilliant summary of key points. Thank you Ross, your commitment is exemplary.

Oct 6, 01 / Oct 13, 17 13:03 UTC

Thank you, Ross. I needed this.