Oct 11, 01 / Oct 18, 17 16:36 UTC

I live in a multinational country in childhood Looking at the stars I always thought. What incredible species and creatures can live there, I never had a feeling. That we are alone in the universe, I was always sure. What am I destined to leave our planet, so when I heard about ASGARD only one thought occurred to me. At last the time has come I've always loved the stars so I read a lot about space The more I read the more I learned the new But to my regret on each answer there were new 10 questions But I am sure that sooner or later we will find the answers to all our questions. and if I can somehow help That's what I must do. So I ask everyone who reads this. to vote for my modest candidacy for a strategist Let it and not a very significant function. But I'm sure that in time I will be able to achieve much more. So please support me. and do not forget we are ASGARDS We are united by something much more than the country of religion all the unities one goal is one idea Creation of the world's first space country. And in the future, protection and assistance to all of humanity and of course love to the stars.