Oct 12, 01 / Oct 19, 17 23:07 UTC
coat of arms an unitified flags

improved versions of the flag and shield I've been working on

Oct 25, 01 / Nov 1, 17 18:38 UTC

Those are nice, I too would love a second batch of competitions, maybe for our 10th anniversary or something, I missed the chance to submit on the last ones as I'm sure many did.

IMO the latin needs to be curved on the shield ...

Nov 7, 01 / Nov 11, 17 00:50 UTC

Es solo una unificada y bueno todo el mundo odia la corona pero es un reino no la puedo quitar todavía

Feb 21, 02 / Feb 18, 18 23:48 UTC
I would like to have your attention on my profile. I am a candidate for the parliament of Asgardia and I would like you to vote for me. I want to have your confidence so that we can make dreams come true.