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Oct 14, 01 / Oct 21, 17 22:18 UTC

October 21, 2017 Asgardia Answers Live Stream Rundown

By Ross Cheeseright | October 21, 2017

As has become tradition, Lena De Winne hosted another live stream on Facebook that addresses questions brought up by the community. This month’s livestream was utterly packed with discussion and useful information as we continue our Journey to becoming an independent nation. This is our rundown of the highlights.

You can watch the full video here on Facebook or here on YouTube . The full transcript will be available in a few days and linked on this post


  1. Acknowledgement of Founding Day of Asgardia – Many people discussed that it was a great day and some people got together to celebrate
  2. There was an event in Moscow – It was Translated into English. Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli addressed the achievements and outlined the future. The conference had a lot of attention in Russia, no special attentions have been made there before but they decided to go to Russia for the Founding Day celebration and they had a lot of good coverage. Read our summary here .


There were a lot of very important points that were brought up as a result of citizens questions regarding the process of forming a Parliament.

  1. Constitution has been accepted and Elections were announced on the 12 th The elections will give people around 6 months to elect their parliament. Voting has begun already so get voting!
  2. Leaderships elections are happening right now and are a precursor to the Elections.
  3. It will be possible to convert your current votes (for Debutant, Strategist or Trendsetter) into Parliamentary Election Votes. It will be explained in detail how to do this in the coming days via
  4. The government will only be appointed after the parliament is formed.
  5. There are only 6 months to vote.
  6. Application process will be on the website.
  7. Parliamentary electorates will not be expected to relocate. Work will be done remotely.
  8. These will be paid positions.
  9. Elected parliament and ministers are different bodies. Parliament will be elected, ministers will be appointed.
  10. Age limit is proposing to be dropped down below 40.
  11. Ministers, deputy ministers etc. will be appointed from a pool of people that are truly qualified for the job. They’re serious jobs, paid positions and require you to submit a CV and are intended for people that would be eligible to apply for those sorts of jobs in any other established country.


The function of ‘Language Groups’ plays quite an interesting role in Asgardia and directly represent how people are being organised.

  1. The distribution of the languages (by people who voted) shows a list of 12 unique ‘first languages’ (e.g English, Spanish, Russian)
  2. Elections will be broken down by ‘language group’.
  3. You can run for elections in the language group you select. You can also vote for people in your language group.
  4. You define your language in your profile – you can change it there, too. So please check it’s set right.
  5. Most Scandinavians have selected ‘English’ as their electoral-region language.
  6. It’s likely that over time, a single language will emerge. Asgardia is open to the prospect of a single language.

Post Office

Asgardia announced in the Moscow conference that we would be setting up a post office. Here are the initial details on that project.

  1. Working now to produce stamps by the end of the year.
  2. The reality is that until the currency is in circulation, the stamps can’t be used to pay something.
  3. To begin with, in ‘stamp world’ it’s a collectors edition.
  4. Stamps will help build up legacy and legitimacy.
  5. Eventually, we are working towards being recognised as someone who can pay postal services.
  6. This will take time, same as our admission to the UN. We’re signifying that we’re setting up a postal office and a postal service which is normal for any established nation.


Asgardia is open to investment, but closed to business until Parliament forms and handles the business of legislating business.

  1. Constitution lays out the framework for business.
  2. Parliament needs to be in place before we can do business.
  3. It is Necessary to have regulations and laws in place to govern business.
  4. Asgardia has a ‘business entity’ and is open to proposals for new business. They’re positioned to invest in startups and are working in conjunction with Seraphim a space-investment specialist.
  5. eMail if you have an idea for a business. It must be a serious idea for business and be accompanied by a business plan.


The latest news on SOLAR (SOL)

  1. Still working on it. Looking at the Second quarter of the next year.
  2. No more details at this point.

Space Exploration

Reaffirmation that our immediate goals are getting established here on earth. The idea of space flight or Arks is still way off in the future.

  1. No spaceship will be launched within the next 10 years.
    1. Space Arks will be habitable platforms that will serve as a refuge if there are disasters and they will serve as tourist locations when there aren’t.
    2. Arks will take more than 10 years to produce.
  2. Asgardia is a philosophical, technical and legal entity.
  3. We are following an established path of which human settlement of other planets is just one goal.
  4. Asgardia’s satellite will symbolise our ‘territory’ and our ‘permanent settlement’.
  5. The size of the territory or the occupation of it isn’t a specific requirement of joining the UN.
  6. Satellite 2 will test data transfer, blockchain operation and have more scientific equipment.
  7. When Asked about collaboration with Elon Musk: Elon musk is a great thinker and a great businessman. We’re setting up a new state. Asgardia will use whatever service we require from the free markets. Elon musk may or may not be one of the services we use for space launches. At the moment, there is nothing to talk about with Elon.

General News

Some general information given out during the live stream.

  1. A lot of Information is available on the website, forums, Facebook, national pages, blogs and there isn’t any desire to send out any specific newsletter at this point.
  2. 27 th of October – there will be an invent in Paris 18:00 Paris time. Dr. A is partnering with Director of UNESCO, he will be presenting a medal for UNESCO Science in Space Award.
  3. We want to step away from using flags to symbolise language, we need some symbols that makes sense to help people recognise a language. E.G – Russian doll is a good example of Russia.
    1. No religious symbols.
    2. No Copyrighted Material.
    3. Try to captivate the language, not the nation.
    4. Civic Asgardia will be officially announcing further details on this in the coming days.
  4. Asgardians encouraged to come together and create groups for their ventures (especially in the area of start up businesses)
  5. Speak with to find out the requirements to register a citizen group officially, including getting official groups set up or creating forums that might be required.
  6. You don’t need authority to set up an unofficial group, but it cannot be advertised on official groups. You must speak with members of your group privately and establish a private group.
  7. Private groups can be made transparent to Asgardia by giving access to Rebekah / Lena.

About the Author:
Ross Cheeseright is a devoted Asgardian Citizen, a Strategist Candidate and a member of the Civic Asgardia Volunteer team. If you’d like to see more of his work, please check out his blog .

Oct 14, 01 / Oct 21, 17 22:35 UTC

Once again, thanks Ross for the breakdown of the Q&A! You're always efficient and dedicated!
.Thanks Lena for the time you took to answer our questions!

Oct 14, 01 / Oct 21, 17 23:33 UTC

Thank you Ross, Civic and Lena.

Oct 14, 01 / Oct 21, 17 23:49 UTC

Thank you very much Ross , and also to you Ivan Rosel , in particular to Lenna De :)))

Oct 14, 01 / Oct 21, 17 23:49 UTC

Thank you very much Ross , and also to you Ivan Rosel , in particular to Lenna De :)))

Oct 17, 01 / Oct 24, 17 12:00 UTC

Thank you, Ross. Pretty sure the breakdown worked even without the last paragraph, tho. ;-)

Oct 18, 01 / Oct 25, 17 11:10 UTC

Thank You Ross

Oct 20, 01 / Oct 27, 17 23:30 UTC

Thank you!

Oct 20, 01 / Oct 27, 17 23:30 UTC

Thank you!

Oct 20, 01 / Oct 27, 17 23:30 UTC

Thank you!

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