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What can you do for Asgardia?

By Ross Cheeseright, Parliamentary Candidate | October 30, 2017

I have had a lot of discussions with people about what they can do, as citizens, to help Asgardia grow and realize its goals and I thought it would be a good idea to write an article to share some of those ideas.

There are a lot of things going on in Asgardia right now. There is the election of local leaders and of members of parliament, the formation of the government, the satellite launch and a whole lot more.

It’s easy, as a citizen of Asgardia, to feel like you’re watching it happen from the sidelines and that you’re just an observer. People want to get involved and they want to take part, but they don’t have the time or the resources to dedicate themselves to joining the government.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Citizens of Asgardia are at the heart of the project. They’re the most important element of Asgardia. A nation without people is nothing.


Asgardia needs your attention in the elections. There are parliamentary candidates who want to work for you and who want to build up the 'Asgardia' we all dream of, but they’re struggling because not enough people are voting.

With your vote, you can shape the future of Asgardia. There are lots of different candidates with lots of different views on how to make Asgardia the best it can be – voting for the one that best represents your views would be a great way to support the development of the nation.

Visit the voting page for more information.

Spread the word

What was it that attracted you to join Asgardia? For me, it was the inclusive and forward-thinking nature of the project. The fact that scientists and people are trying to create something independent and open really appeals to me and I make sure to try and include my friends in this process.

Getting more people to join Asgardia would represent a huge boon to the nation. It would allow us to get more work done in less time and it would allow us to create a better global network. Spreading the word and helping people to understand the project is a great way to help the nation.


So much is going on in Asgardia. Elections, competitions, projects, discussions and general social fun. Getting involved will help the community of Asgardia thrive and grow. It will help to keep everyone interested and active. It will help people to forge new friendships and come together and bond.

Be passionate

Take pride in being an Asgardian. Passionately advocate for the Nation and help to generate that positive energy. Asgardia is a nation with noble goals and some patriotism for the nation will go a long way to helping build a positive image and an inclusive community of people. I’m not suggesting blind faith – but a positive attitude can go a long way.

Help new Asgardians

As we get new people coming in to test the waters and see what our community is about, they’ll need people to guide them. There is a lot of information out there on our website and our forums and it’s not always easy to find. And getting up to speed with the current state of the nation isn’t always easy.

However, the veteran Asgardians in the community can help here. They can provide information about what’s going on and even links to sources so that people can find out things for themselves. A great first impression for our new Asgardian citizens will do a lot of good.

Start a business

Asgardia is open to business! They want to fund start-up businesses, especially those that have an interest in space-related industry. What better way to support Asgardia than to take advantage of its $1 million in start-up funding fund?

Starting a business in the Asgardian ecosystem would be a great way to support the nation, helping to put Asgardia on the map as one of the forward-thinking nations and helping the nation to become profitable and sustainable.

Send an email to projects@asgardia.space to get more information on starting a business.


If you simply don’t have time, but you’d love to support the growth of the nation, Asgardia now allows its citizens to donate their hard-earned money. The money generated by the donations will go towards helping to fund future projects and as some special thanks, you also get some digital rewards for your efforts, including a 6-month subscription to ROOM: The Space Journal worth$56.

To learn more, or make a donation to Asgardia, visit the donation page on Asgardia.space

A quick note from the author:
I am currently running for Parliament. If you want to help create a movement that will see Asgardia become a reality, support me and together we can raise the standard of our nation.

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 09:44 UTC

Looking forward for the 'message icon bug' to be fixed! I long to be able to connect with all the new Asgardians who have accepted to become my friends, welcome them and help them find their place!
Maybe we need more IT volunteers to join the website support ...

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 10:25 UTC

Well written message Ross. Again, would definitely vote for you if I could.

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 12:18 UTC

Thanks for the kind words of support, my friend! You could always try to support my Parliamentary campaign if you're a part of the English Language District: https://asgardia.space/en/elections/candidates/English/17737/

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 10:32 UTC

A great must read article for all Asgardia Citizens. Thanks...

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 12:19 UTC

That is very kind of you to say, Sir.

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 13:21 UTC

You have always been one of good communicators for Asgardians.

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 13:21 UTC

You have always been one of good communicators for Asgardians.

Oct 23, 01 / Oct 30, 17 13:56 UTC

I love communicating with my fellow Asgardians. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my posts, Sir. I appreciate it.

Oct 27, 01 / Nov 3, 17 14:19 UTC

Just wanted to remind people that volunteer recruitment is again open and there are lots of ways to help - check out the forum here .

Also listening to VoicesOfAsgardia.com I am reminded that they are looking for DJ's - ...