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Launch Day Presentation Live Stream: The Rundown

By Ross Cheeseright | November 11, 2017

“It’s like Christmas has come early” was the tag-line from Lena as she spoke of the successful launch of our Satellite into space. She expressed her gratefulness to all the Asgardian citizens for their hard work and remarked on what a momentous day this was. Hearts were flying on the Facebook stream as Lena took the time to outline details of the launch.

Once she was finished covering the details of the launch, she also took the time to further discuss some important questions from the community.

You can view the full stream on Facebook or on YouTube .

The volunteer teams have transcribed the live stream in it's entirety if you'd like more information here .

Space Exploration

  1. Antares & Cygnus blasted off flawlessly
  2. Our satellite is on board as a payload
  3. Flight will last 2 days due to orbital mechanics.
  4. Doesn’t fly straight up, flies around the earth and catches up with the ISS ‘chasing it’ and the docks.
  5. Therefore, the launch window is so short to make sure that you end up where you want to be depending on the flight and the chase.
  6. Yesterday, it didn’t launch on schedule
    1. Everything needs to be right fuel, payload, safety checks
    2. The weather must be good
    3. Air and space needs to be clear in case of something going wrong.
    4. As the rocket flies, parts drop off when they fulfil their function, so it needs to be clear.
    5. Airspace needs to be clear and airplanes need to stay away.
    6. 2 minutes before launch, systems were ready, and weather was good, and they discovered an air-plane in the launch-zone.
    7. The Launch window is so short and due to the plane entered the cleared zone, we ended up losing our launch windows (which was just 5 minutes)
  7. Wallop is a large viewing site and lots of public was there to watch.
  8. It was arranged that our Head of Nation would be allowed on the rooftop of the building in a security clearance location escorted by armed agents, this allowed for a nice private viewing location.
  9. On the 12 th the weather wasn’t quite as good, but it went off smoothly.
  10. 12 th of October 2016 announced the birth of the nation – been exactly 13 months since the pledge was made.
  11. Lots of sceptics and nonbelievers who didn’t believe we could do it can now see that we’re serious
  12. Proud to say that we did what we said we would do.
  13. We might not be moving very fast, but we’re thinking carefully about what we’re doing, we’re only making promises that we can keep and we’re delivering on our promise.
  14. There is still a lot of sceptics, there is a lot of grey area and uncertainty, but we’re committed to taking it forward. One humanity, one unity.
  15. Asgardia is philosophical at this stage in its life.
  16. There is no law that says that any country must be attached to the surface of the earth.
  17. No law that says the country needs to be big enough to host its population.
  18. No law that says you’re obliged to reside in the country of which you are a citizen.
  19. You can still send personal data to the satellite
  20. It will be possible to upload every couple of weeks
  21. There will be another satellite being sent up. Asgardia guarantees a permanent presence in space.
  22. Another satellite will be sent up in time to ‘overlap’ with Asgardia-1 to make sure of our permanent presence in space.
  23. All Asgardians are entitled to their place in our satellite (virtually)


  1. Businesses will have to pay taxes in Asgardia.
  2. Currently, taxes are voluntary. No citizens are asked to pay taxes.
  3. Parliament will be formed and will establish laws further details will change accordingly to parliamentary work and legislation. So, it’s possible that people could be asked to pay tax in the future.

Citizen Action

  1. Spread the word.
  3. People still find the concept of our nation ‘crazy’

General Information

  1. Everyone is welcome in Asgardia – Asgardia is a philosophical visionary concept that has taken the form of the first ‘space nation’ everyone that finds inspiration and motivation being an Asgardian citizen is welcome. It takes different people to make the world and it’s one humanity and one unity and we’re united through the belief in unity. Everyone that shares in our philosophy is welcome.
  2. The form of Asgardia is changing
  3. They’re sharing with us when things need to be adapted.


  1. IT/Mathematician technical team will be working to ensure the safety of the elections. There is a lot of work being done on the automated and manual level to verify IP addresses and usernames.
  2. There are fake accounts that are being created.
  3. Algorithms are being created to test for un-natural voting.
  4. What will happen if a district is empty – Unsure, it’s hypothetical.
  5. Leadership Elections End Date is yet to be determined, looking at changing votes into parliamentary elections.
  6. Everyone needs to select the region that they want, irrespective of their residence area. This can be done through the profile page.

UN Application

  1. We have not yet exchanged any paperwork with the UN
  2. We have lawyers working on the UN and papers are being prepared.
  3. We have started the process of bi-lateral mutual recognition.
  4. We have a population.
  5. We have a constitution.
  6. We have a territory.


  1. Cannot discuss pay for Parliamentary Staff.
  2. There will be further discussion of pay.
  3. Parliament will be established in 6 months.
  4. Parliamentary terms are yet to be determined.