Nov 9, 01 / Nov 13, 17 13:23 UTC
Congratulations My Fellow Asgardians

The Photos from successfully and amazing historical lunch Moments (12 November) from the NASA live channel in YouTube From Wallops lunch site in wallops island in Virginia, USA.

I'm soooo Happy And excited for this historical moment Dear Asgardian Friends, when the Rocket liftoff, my heart stopped,

I love that historical moment and never forget Until Forever,

Thank you and love you'll NASA and Asgardia, You All Doing Great Job, Thank you so much.

Special Thank you To:

Our Founding father Dr. Ashurbeyli,

Vice President Lena De Winne,

Mrs. Rebekah berg,

Asgardia and To NASA,

And Orbital Atk,

And everyone who make this historical moments real, I Want To Thanks To You All One By One.

Congratulations To All Asgardians Around The World, Now We All Are A United Nation With Territory For The First Time In Space, Proudly, Thanks Again To You All For What You Done, Never Forget Until Forever.

Fatemeh Ghodrati, Local Leader And parliamentary Candidate In Asgardia.  🌎🚀❤❤❤

Nov 9, 01 / Nov 13, 17 19:26 UTC

I was reminded yesterday that as I celebrated, bombs were falling on Yemen, and they have few supplies - thank you my dear friend Ahmed from Yemmen

Looking to the future is little comfort to many, but at least we are no longer looking to the ...

Nov 10, 01 / Nov 14, 17 11:21 UTC

I hope so too, thank you for sharing.


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