Nov 14, 01 / Nov 18, 17 07:13 UTC
Designing our future

Do you have an incredible idea for the Future of Asgardia?

Maybe a robotic powered aquaponics lab?

A concept for station design?

Space Transport?

The list could go on forever but ill cut to the chase.

There is a Playstation 4 title about to be released under the name DreamsPS4.

Ok hold up, your probably thinking what does a video game have to do with anything related to Designing our future.

Its simple. Dreams PS4 is no ordinary game.

Dreams is a full creative tool, You are able to create anything imaginable in a 3d space. This does not just include 3d modeling. The Robotic powered aquaponics lab i mentioned. You wont just be able to create a static 3d environment and model of your idea. You are given logic tools, these tools will enable to you to animate and configure systems to your specifications. Want to demo how the system would work. Simply animate the robots to perform there duties down the the second. at watch it unfold before your eyes. The concept of dreams is making them a reality. You are able to create your very own full functioning game made with assets you or others create.

Did you catch that? Others. Dreams will be a fully functioning multiplayer title.

Do you and another Asgardian have a great idea and want to collaborate? Not a problem! jump in their dream and get to work! I believe that this title would help us so much in achieving our early conceptional ideas. a PS4 right now is listing for black friday at 199 USD.. I bring up the price for a very good reason. This Game will be able to do what programs like Maya, blender and other programs can do and 10X more. 3d modeling, visual logic coding, make your own music and sounds, and stitch them all together to make your dream a reality. The price point, PS4 compared to a PC capable of doing this very thing will likely cost you 4-6 times the cost of the PS4.

But it gets so much better!

But dude, this is cool but its just on a screen. I want to be able to show off my designs, hold my concepts in my hand.

DreamsPS4 confirmed at a conference about a year ago, that your creations WILL be able to be exported to a 3D printer. Design in PS4 print your dream, make it reality.

Reality... Did you catch that?

Hmmm.. I almost forgot.. Reality. Dreams PS4 Will become VR compatible! This is said to not be available at launch but will be included soon after.

Asgardians.. This will be an amazing opportunity to collaborate and create the very groundwork for our Great Nation! Laying out the very blueprints for our future together.. Land cannot separate us, this Project will help us come together. Debate, Create, And share our DREAMS.

Also don't be fooled by the painterly style of the art and designs.. Its just typically the most preferred style of the devs.. You can make it look as clean cut and futuristic as you can think.

Below are some links of videos, ill just leave a few, you will be able to find several more in the suggestions.

Let the discussion begin! What do you all think?

The first one i would like to post is the Reveal of the title.

Building Demo

Character modeling

Nov 14, 01 / Nov 18, 17 18:43 UTC

Sounds good

Nov 17, 01 / Nov 21, 17 08:49 UTC

It seems to be a good modeling tool at a low price point. Though setting up the ground work for government and systems that enable us to raise/build revenue to afford to build space stations/bases first. Though it would be a fun side project well the other things are ...