Nov 22, 01 / Nov 26, 17 03:52 UTC
Every Failure we make will be one step closer to Success.

As for Trolls, Freaks and Nerds.

Trolls - Every large project that gets any sort of attention thats ideals are not fitting with there own will try to cause Choas, Havoc, and unrest within that community. Some trolls are just professional trolls who all they do all day is find the next target.

Freaks - Everyone has the right to their own opinion as they have freedom of speech as well. There ideas and positions might seem outrageous to most, but the simple fact is its there opinion. As long as these opinions and views do not affect the everyday lives of the citizens, harm themselves or others be it physical or mental harm, or create instability withing the Nation. They should be able to speak there view. If someone doesn't agree with it simply move on.

Nerds - This one is tough. Some of the ideas of others do sound unrealistic, unachievable, and out right crazy. Here is the thing, The earth is flat, What is electricity this is outrageous, a glass bulb that lights up from electricity that is impossible, A gas powered vehicle that will never happen or catch on. Sometimes the most ridiculous idea becomes a reality. Something that is impossible today could be possible tomorrow. We can never let peoples ideas or dreams become diminished simply because it does not exist today.

Thomas Edison, " I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Every Failure we make will be one step closer to Success.

As a candidate i Truly believe this. And will work to the best of my ability to represent the people, no matter there opinion or dream. I cant stress enough that i'm a candidate for the people, not myself.

In short, Yes there is allot or work to do concerning Laws and being taken serious. But as a Nation we ourselves are being serious. And It is a serious matter that you Vote for the person who you feel will best represent you and fight will every ounce of there being to make those changes. I myself Believe i am that Candidate. But that is up to you and the Citizens of Asgardia to determine.

Thank you so much for your very thought out questions, I love answering questions that i receive. Please feel free to post or message me in private at anytime!

Your Candidate,

Christopher Biltz