Dec 23, 01 / Dec 25, 17 05:47 UTC
Taking care of the inner garden.

Taking care of the inner garden:

We live in an era where we have the best resources available to us. Mega information and mega choices, as the internet made the world a small place.

We live in Oman in the Gulf. Here are expats from every possible country and the  Omani people, with their own interesting heritage.

On the internet and in different languages we hear the names like 'Isa', Iesos, Jesos, Jesu, Jesus etc.

Some of it may sound like 'Isis' an old religious 'deity' and in recent years a petrifying group with a name sounding similar.

Young people with access to the internet and all this information must surely feel overwhelmed at times.

We have suits and festive clothing of 'Santa  Claus' which did exist in one country then the myth became a lie told to kids in other countries which still brought great pleasure to them; gifts.

So, one young friend asked me, so what should he believe or not? There is no safe answer to give in our current world. My own answer is the only answer I could manage; tend your inner garden - love always knows best.

Deep in thought whilst hosting a celebratory dinner - I am meditating upon:  Romans 13: 8 and 14: 1 to 12 from the Christian Bible.

May the 'Living Word' which can take care of your inner garden, take care of you today. Inside of all of us, there is a measure of spiritual intuition, a measure of truth, a measure of hope. My hope is for you to find it, and to be blessed by it.

Kind regards from Oman

Dec 23, 01 / Dec 25, 17 08:46 UTC
Beautiful said Sharmaine.
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