Mar 1, 02 / Feb 26, 18 19:38 UTC

Actually the concept of finding a nation from all parts of the world using  very differing views, languages, cultures and ideologies makes this nation greater and potential and hopeful for science and knowledge along with peace and unity as one unity one humanity . I wouldn't say that I tried to touch that slogan in my personal life and failed to have it from Asgardia but I don't like to loose hope in its pure goals and its tendency   that based on and going on .After  a deep and careful contemplation, I wondered how we can find a pride and our asgardian identity and sense of belongings without home land and it is a matter of abstract idea ? as if we are proud and feel of belonging to , every asgardian would pay all his best fr om the bottom of our hearts to serve it and help each other in every aspect of our life  as a result we will have the greatest nation in the universe and keep our slogan high and be ideal for all humanity so I started thinking and looking for any inspirational  and practical ways to fulfill our asgardian identity and sense of belongings and still need your ideas and comments on.

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