Mar 7, 02 / Mar 4, 18 05:56 UTC
The idea of #1: a project to create a Cloud distributed computing platform.

The idea of #1: a project to create a distributed computing platform for Asgardia citizens.

To implement this idea, we need to create a server part-which will deal with the distribution of tasks by blocks, the breakdown of the units of computation into parts and sending these parts of the tasks to the devices of connected subscribers, and then take these Part of the completed tasks from the subscribers and combine them again into one task for transmission to the customer.

The second part of the idea requires the creation of a program Frontend for subscribers, which combines 3 technologies, namely the program client analogue BOINC (, which will work in a similar way and will deal with the miscalculation of sent from Task server by allocating the specified subscriber a portion of the power of its CPU and GPU, and then sending parts of the calculated tasks back to the Asgardia server.

It will be a hybrid of BOINC, rendering Farm and Blockchain technology.

And the result of work of this system will be executed tasks on complex mathematical calculations and/or tasks on rendering of special effects for films and rendering of complex 3d animation. Which will later be sold on a special site – the Exchange as this (, intended for the sale of computing capacity.

What are the differences from volunteer free BOINC.

First, BOINC a free project, for volunteers who connect to the server, receive the client part of the program and provide for the selected projects-the computing power of their computer.

In our project architecture will be built based on Blockchain and all calculations that will be made on your devices connected to distributed computing will be paid by our cryptocurrency Asgardia on completion of calculations.

This is peculiar to mining – which in contrast to the mining of other cryptocurrency will bring real benefits besides some amount of money, namely to do the calculation of its part of the allocated block of information. And depending on the number of resources allocated for this computer, laptop or smartphone, or tablet, will accumulate calculation points, which will then be automatically converted to our cryptocurrency Solar or our cryptocurrency Lunar and to act immediately on the account of the person who performed this part of the task.

I believe that this is a promising idea that will allow to organize the world's largest network of rendering and distributed computing, which exceeds the capacity of all known similar projects. Because we will grow our population, and after a while I hope we will be millions of citizens. Yes, from a regular computer or smartphone to earn a lot of people will not come out, but we will not promise the Golden mountains, everything will be calculated and the conversion rate of the computer or smartphone in cryptocurrency. But this will open the way to those who want to earn money in the same way as they earn on Mining cryptocurrency. Someone will buy several sets of special equipment and begin to perform these tasks on an elevated scale and receive already serious money for their calculations. I think that, having such a system-computing platform, we will be able to connect first citizens of Asgardia, all comers, and then and third-party people who are not citizens of Asgardia. The only difference will be that for citizens of Asgardia will be slightly higher earnings ratio depending on the power of their devices, provided for computation.

I am sure that such a system of distributed computing, will push the development of startups Asgardia based on this system, as they are in the planning phase would include scientific miscalculations and rendering of special effects based on our computing platform. For startups Asgardia calculations will be performed at preferential prices, but then these startups will develop and bring income to the Treasury Asgardia and products, and taxes! In Asgardia a lot of fans and fans of science fiction and scientists and engineers, I'm sure we will be able to organize the writing of beautiful scripts for science fiction and independently shoot these films using our capabilities to render and Computing. We can organize a whole industry of 3d fully computer movies and TV series based on our computing platform and based on our own scripts. We will also be able to make complex calculations for space agencies around the world, including for our own saving millions for the budget Asgardia

I think that the most important thing in this idea is that thanks to this concept we can create a cloud computing network that will be used for any calculations in the world. First, we will create the architecture of the server part of the project, since it will be necessary to make processing and distribution of computing capacities that consider specific capacities - which are available to subscribers of the Asgardia computer network. And the server part should be able to distribute the calculations for any ordered task among the connected subscribers as effectively as possible. Then any order, whether renting the power of the computer network for a one-time task for rendering scenes for films or permanent calculations in the framework of signed contracts with NASA - will be performed as quickly and qualitatively as possible, and the cost of calculations will be as low as possible.

If we can correctly design our server part of the computation system, for us it will not matter what types of calculations to perform, graphical rendering or mathematical calculations. The most important nuance, it seems to me, is that due to the fact that we will pay out to all subscribers their share of the calculations in the form of Asgardia crypto currency, or Lunar, it will be provided with the real capacities of our growing network, and generate profits not from the air, from useless calculation of blocks, as done in other crypto-currencies, and not be an empty bubble, but will generate real work, real calculations, and have real value!

I published this idea in the Russian-speaking group of Asgardia, and already people immediately began to ask such questions as equipment specifications are needed to connect to this computer network, there are even those who are ready to buy equipment that is compatible with computing in our systems at a professional level and start earning, and this is in view of the fact that this was so far only an idea and was made just for discussion. These people are already at the stage of discussion ready to build their small business based on this network, buying powerful equipment and making large calculations, and accordingly receiving more of our crypto currency for them.