Mar 12, 02 / Mar 9, 18 03:50 UTC
Hi Asgardians... !!

Hi All citizens !!

Hope you have completed your voting.
Since I am not at all from any political background and believe almost 99% of all among us aren't. so at least I am not aware of what a politician does to win an election. And I don't need to know either. I haven't spammed anyone, I haven't persuaded/invited any unwilling person to join Asgardia just to vote me. I just want it to happen organically.

I am happy to see that a non political community of enthusiasts towards a BIG Space Movement are right now trying to assemble for building a New nation. I wish whoever becomes our parliament member/ Govt Official is a nice person who is just far far away from those dirty political tactics and personal interests, which we are fed up of experiencing since in many years in many countries.

I really wish that this new venture goes very well in achieving its goal and becomes successful in every way. I am with you always not on the basis of a candidate who wins or not, but as a fellow citizen !

Wishing peace & progress to all.

Sarabjeet Singh

May 3, 02 / Apr 25, 18 14:11 UTC
One question that I hope isn't too personal, if so, just tell me, I will withdraw my question: Do you consider yourself a Sikh? I ask because of your surname and turban, both could be considered traditional Sikh.
Jun 14, 02 / Jun 3, 18 10:24 UTC
Hi Christian, I belong to Sikh community of Course... You guessed it right !!
Asg 5, 02 / Jun 22, 18 09:04 UTC
Sikh is one of the few religions in the modern world that I mostly agree with, as with most other religions, there's room for some updating to be more pragmatic in the world we live in today, but I truly believe Sikhism encompasses some very healthy values and ideals.