Mar 16, 02 / Mar 13, 18 22:22 UTC

First of all, it would be a good start to set some priorities concerning the budget.

x% could be used to start designing the first small station (up to ten people) and begin the training of the first crews. Designing the construction of the station will give us a clear view of the amount of the budget that has to be disposed. In this way, we will be able to plan a strategy and a timetable of the execution of the above project. The goal is that enough progress will be made as soon as possible, so -having in mind the best circumstances- the training of our astronauts could start at the beginning of the next year.

As for the Asgardian market, I would suggest the transactions to be made with sollars. Τhe ministry of commerce is going to receive the  1 % for each transaction. The transactions will be executed immediately, when the buyers have already exchanged their currency to sollars. Otherwise, there will be a brief delay until confirmation about the successful exchange is provided. Moreover, there will be the possibility to use Asgardia’s symbols on several products paying the corresponding price.Blockchain technology will be used for transactions.

I believe that the ministry of finance along with the parliament should set an exchange rate. The currency in a  fair society should be stable and reliable. We do not aim to address to opportunists, nor do we want anyone to be benefited at the expense of others.

X%  for investments related to space technology, recycling, informatics, renewable energy sources, sustainable architecture etc.

X%  for the Ministry of Citizenship in order to form the structures concerning civilians’ identification along with the ID publication’s cost Asgardians need to pay. Moreover, there will be a database including skills, available time and any other detail of Asgardians. Thus, participants who fulfill the requirements of a possible job position will be informed

X%  for staff remuneration. The percentage of the budget used for this cause should be low. Applying “Social Contribution Units” (USC or SCU) and its subdivision “Units of Social Participation” (USP or SPU), we’ll be able to increase the dynamics. Part of the remuneration will be attributed using the above units,while further exchange of the remaining “money” remuneration or the general transactions to USC will be possible. The collected units will be included in each Asgardian’s CV contributing positively in the final evaluation of the CV. Moreover, USC’s have several development perspectives in different fields and they will be taken into account for further provision when possible.

In conclusion, I believe all the above are matters of high significance and it would be ideal to be legislated the first two years

Mar 17, 02 / Mar 14, 18 04:19 UTC
More people should read this.
Mar 18, 02 / Mar 15, 18 17:58 UTC
Hi Olga, I read your post and I think it has good points about hoe the Asgardias' Parliament budget should be, and you can present it when the time comes for that discussion. On the way can you use your valuable vote for me too?? Please read my platform and ...
Aug 9, 02 / Aug 21, 18 04:52 UTC
Развитие ДЕЛОВОЙ АКТИВНОСТИ среди Асгардийцев - даст старт нашей Нации.