Mar 18, 02 / Mar 15, 18 01:42 UTC

Anybody have an opinion on Trump's plan to militarize space will affect Asgardia or our mission?

Mar 18, 02 / Mar 15, 18 05:43 UTC
Security is needed for a space City and Law makers and officers to activate those laws are essential. But as I think militarizing the space is different than this and if it got a real one day then the world will divide the space also in to various parts and ...
Mar 18, 02 / Mar 15, 18 06:12 UTC
Very good point. I hope Asgardians work to support and improve upon the work that has already been done surrounding efforts like these...
Mar 18, 02 / Mar 15, 18 16:51 UTC
Thank you Charles. Together we have to work as a humanrace to win the space. Asgardia will be the most appropriate place for that.
Apr 1, 02 / Mar 26, 18 15:06 UTC
As Secretary of Defense i'll support the space demilitarization of any state except ours.We are the only sovereign nation allowed to build, maintain and use weapons on Earth orbit ,on board of ships and space stations. Long Live Asgardia!
Jun 17, 02 / Jun 6, 18 00:28 UTC
Je te soutien tu as mon vote.
Asg 5, 02 / Jun 22, 18 18:15 UTC
thank u myfriend
Apr 2, 02 / Mar 27, 18 02:42 UTC
Unfortunately, I will have to disagree Adrian. I believe we should conquer ourselves and then the stars through exploration and science, and not the spread of weaponry. Asgardia should defend orbit and space from any nation weaponizing it. I hope you will eventually agree that weapons do not belong in ...
Jun 20, 02 / Jun 9, 18 10:35 UTC
whitout weapons u are at mercy of u enemies
Asg 3, 02 / Jun 20, 18 05:41 UTC
the pen will always be mightier than the sword, my brother.
Asg 5, 02 / Jun 22, 18 18:16 UTC
only in dreams
Jun 17, 02 / Jun 6, 18 10:42 UTC
Long live Asgard
Asg 10, 02 / Jun 27, 18 16:19 UTC
Unfortunately, I have to disagree Adrian too. Giving us the only Right to have Weapons in space, will be a very dominant move which will cause more trouble than it solves. Our goal should be to be a nation of the future, which sets new "trends" on how to solve ...
Asg 10, 02 / Jun 27, 18 16:58 UTC
Haha, I had the perfect posting, and this comment-system cutted 80% of my text. If someone is interessted in my detailed thoughts about that, please let me know here as reply. Thanks.
Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 17:39 UTC
This is a very important statement and defense. Thank you.
Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 18:28 UTC
Very few people (among the general population) are not (yet) able to connect-the-dots about all the events that are happening at this time. The 'space force' that Trump talked about... already exists. There are at least three, but some sources have indicated up to five Secret Space Programs (SSP's). This ...
Asg 14, 02 / Jul 1, 18 08:29 UTC
Geoffrey, That is all very exceptional science fiction for the meantime. Until all these 'truths' you suggest are revealed, we should continue operating as though on December 4, 2014, the General Assembly of the UN passed two resolutions on preventing an arms race in outer space. The first resolution, Prevention ...
Asg 14, 02 / Jul 1, 18 08:44 UTC
You are perfectly within your space to disagree with anything I share. I am not sure how long you have devoted your devoted your life to learning about and exposing all the coverups that have harmed humanity and our planet, but I have devoted most of the years of my ...
Asg 14, 02 / Jul 1, 18 13:59 UTC
Geoffrey, Mentioning you've been to such and such university or that you've spent longer than most reading things on the internet are hardly arguments for our discussion and include no evidence into the claims you make. I am a scientist, my eyes are wide open, I've attended International Space University ...
Jul 23, 02 / Aug 7, 18 22:11 UTC
finally, the vows started. dear friends of asgardia I hope that this space city has many fruits and progress. To all those who are here, I tell them to be patient that asgardia is about to arrive. Have patience all of you as the night is about to pass and ...