Apr 1, 02 / Mar 26, 18 17:35 UTC
Уведомление. Notification

Приношу мои искренние извинения за устранение от борьбы за депутатский мандат в Парламенте Асгардии. --I sincerely apologize for the removal from the struggle for the deputy mandate in the Parliament of Asgardia.

My dear friends and comrades, hello!

I can finally return to the world of Internet communication after a long absence due to force majeure circumstances: a cardiac crisis happened, and I broke my leg. Both events are simultaneous for one day. Nightmare.

All month, since February 27th, with a gagged leg and a traumatized soul, I lay listening to the radio station "VERA" and thereby participating in the Great Lent together with the Orthodox Christian world. The end of Lent is April 7.

This month of forced inactivity - there was a time and a psychological state for unhurried contemplation of the current fuss of my activity, not understandable for my actual social status and opportunities to plan for the future (due to old age and poor health).

Circumstances say, I have little power, on the Internet, IT is not very smart, health is not reliable: DO NOT give up your friends!

My dear friends, comrades!

I sincerely apologize for the removal from the struggle for the deputy mandate in the Parliament of Asgardia.

In the circumstances, for my deputy work in the parliament of Asgardia, my candidacy does not fit objectively. I want to hope that in the life of our community "Asgardiya" for me there will continue to be interesting topics and interesting dialogues and contacts.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to friendly understanding and support.

Vladimir Onoprienko /

Apr 1, 02 / Mar 26, 18 17:36 UTC
Дорогие мои друзья и товарищи, здравствуйте! Могу,наконец-то, вернуться в мир интернет-общения после длительного отсутствия по обстоятельствам форс-мажорного содержания: случился кардиологический криз, и сломал ногу. Оба события-одновременно за одни сутки. Кошмар. Весь месяц, с 27 февраля, с загипсованной ногой и травмированной душой пролежал, слушая радиостанцию «ВЕРА» и участвуя тем самым в ...
Apr 1, 02 / Mar 26, 18 18:07 UTC
Владимир Иванович, поправляйтесь!
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