Apr 10, 02 / Apr 4, 18 05:18 UTC
Help us give a voice to the voiceless!

This is the first truly independent   Judicial Commission of its kind, and has garnered tremendous international   political and diplomatic advocacy.

The Committee to Support the ITNJ has eyes firmly   set on Westminster, London where the historic Judicial Commission will   commence the 16th -18th of April.

Please show your support for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human   Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse with a contribution.
Help us give a voice to the   voiceless!

PLEASE SHARE this campaign to your blog pages, networking groups and all relevant social media   platforms. It is time to step out of the shadows, and enjoin our voices in a   crusade to end this darkest chapter in our civilizational wheel. The power of   the people can and will make sweeping changes, as truth comes to light.

Now we invite you to:

1. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT by making a contribution to our crowdfunding campaign.

2. JOIN our Thunderclap , post and SHARE this campaign to all social media platforms.

3. Please reach out to 7 friends with a personal   message asking them to chain mail 7 of their friends...

Thank you in Grace,
The Committee to Support the ITNJ

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The International Tribunal for Natural Justice has Arrived

Apr 10, 02 / Apr 4, 18 05:19 UTC
Владимир, Это первая по-настоящему независимая судебная комиссия такого рода и получила огромную международную политическую и дипломатическую пропаганду. Комитет по поддержке ITNJ имеет пристальное внимание в Вестминстере, Лондон, где историческая судебная комиссия начнется 16-18 апреля. Просьба сообщить о своей поддержке Судебной комиссии по расследованию случаев торговли людьми и сексуального насилия со ...
Apr 10, 02 / Apr 4, 18 06:32 UTC
Лига поддержки Трибунала-группа на ФБ https://www.facebook.com/groups/liga2017/