Apr 14, 02 / Apr 8, 18 18:22 UTC

Hi all my dear Asgardian friends,

You all are some specific people who met in my life. I'm telling that because you are the people who have a dream about a space civilization and who gathered to make that dream true.

Do you ever had  some negative and backward thoughts about a space civilization?? I think most of you might have. You must have some questions like whether there's a developed technology for us to make a space civilization, is this will be real within our life time, how can we manage a space civilization and do we have a technology to protect and manage it. This questions may be tantalizing your head and you may get a negative idea about a space civilization thinking that it is a daydream that will never come true.

But keep all that negative and backward thoughts about the space civilization where we are going to be a partners. Though all these questions are practical and real the real love for the task we are continuing is important than all of this. So please dont be backward or faltered as we are the first witnesses of a space civilization. Dont just lure to your dream, LOVE IT!!!

Apr 14, 02 / Apr 8, 18 19:11 UTC
Well I think in every intelegent civilization in universe there is a time that they are reaching to an ability to live completely out of their planet and we are as human beings meeting that time period; We all Asgardians around the planet earth starting something much bigger than all ...
Apr 14, 02 / Apr 8, 18 23:24 UTC
You're right. We should be proud to be the ones who took the initial step.
Apr 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 15:51 UTC
Yes Lucio, I want to tell all asgardians not to be negative. You understand that. Thank you..
Apr 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 15:52 UTC
Yes for sure :)
Apr 15, 02 / Apr 9, 18 16:31 UTC
Yeah I agree and happy to be the youngest memeber to help this from my country
Apr 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 15:50 UTC
Youth power bro!!!
Asg 14, 02 / Jul 1, 18 09:22 UTC