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Apr 26, 02 / Apr 20, 18 12:02 UTC

It has a temperate climate and Earth-like dimensions the new planet discovered by a team of astronomers from the Southern European Observatory (Eso). This new planet called Ross 128b is located around a star in the constellation Virgo, located only eleven light years from our solar system. According to the researchers it would be able to accommodate life because for surface and mass it can be compatible with the presence of liquid water. Given its proximity to us, it is one of the first candidate planets to be sighted with the ELT optical telescope that will be operational in Chile in 2025.

Apr 26, 02 / Apr 20, 18 14:25 UTC
Now this is a planet name that I can get behind :)
Apr 26, 02 / Apr 20, 18 21:17 UTC
You are a star not a planet Ross. :-)
Nov 9, 02 / Nov 13, 18 13:01 UTC
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