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 in Cali Colombia South America in

The Space Technology the new Cluster a reality as a seed that germinates in Colombia through Cali Valle del Cauca by FOCNC Division Colombia with a comprehensive vision for the benefit of present and future generations such as Space Technology applied to all sectors with a great example and tangible Model with the new nation in space. Introductory Conference with space-inspired art and applied to the theme exhibited by the Astronomic Observatory of Valle del Cauca, its group and the departmental library of Valle del Cauca in Cali Colombia.

May 17, 02 / May 9, 18 07:25 UTC
Thank you for all your support!!!
May 17, 02 / May 9, 18 16:14 UTC
Lena, my pleasure! As I share with Chan, it was very glad to receive a lot of people that want to ear about the theme about Asgardia , the Forum and Convention in November. This kind of event help to promote it, and increase the expectation about it. Let's see! ...
May 19, 02 / May 11, 18 03:28 UTC
Hermoso trabajo Eduardo Wow!!!
May 19, 02 / May 11, 18 03:54 UTC
Te gusto? Gracias!! Todo lo mejor. Eliyahu Eduardo.
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Nostalgia por no darme cuenta de un evento como este!