May 18, 02 / May 10, 18 18:26 UTC

I invite you to share without limiting your educational, social, economic, cultural, ethnic, religious or gender status. In the end, everybody we have to live together in the same town, city, region or country and only then, we continue to achieve awareness of the changes that we want and need, not only where we are, but in the entire world, including those who have erroneously acted . Let's do of Asgardian a nation for all to live in Peace!

Professional with 32 continues years of progressive international and national experience in:

Product /service research, marketing/sales, and strategic planning for New business concepts, consumer products, management consulting, international banking, investment, insurance,  creator  and writer of several projects for the entertainment sector, cultural, film histories and documentary tv series, financial services, pedagogic and a new model structure to strengthening the local economies through the Intangible and Tangible Culture, Tourism and Pedagogy sustainable to be implement in the world promoted in more than 52 countries to help their economies, proposal name " Economic Model for the Cultural, Tourism and Pedagogic Sustainable Sector XXI Century"  like at Second last meeting of Unesco and UNWTO in Muscat Sultanate of Oman:

the last Global Summit of WTTC in Argentina:

Federation of European Carnivals Cities  FECC International Delegate with more than 52 members countries.

Experience working with global business community cultures and customs, that I  offer to help to grow Asgardian as a Model Nation for the next step of the humanity!

Researcher , Author, Founder of non-profit entities with an international profile to implement new logistics self- sustainability that serves as a model for more than 80 countries around the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Creator of alternatives for different areas in the Culture Sector, as the Preservation and Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage, International Insurance, Entertainment, Health and Social Welfare in the United States, Latin America and Europe. Tv Host, Researcher, Writer and Producer of Crossing the Threshold with more than 100 themes, documentaries, Film, television segments including the Conferences presented in many countries.

May 19, 02 / May 11, 18 03:25 UTC
¿Por que estas en el distrito 1 si eres colombiano? O Algo no entendí... Saludos Eduardo, un trabajo de promoción que se ve interesante; analizando que no exista conflicto de intereses económicos entre ambas partes, sino de colaboración y crecimiento se ve muy bien. :D
May 19, 02 / May 11, 18 03:51 UTC
Ariadne, un gran gusto y gracias por tu loable comentario. Termine en Distrito 1 porque algo paso inicialmente que aun no se había confirmado el de español, luego se cambio y después de verificaciones lo Activaron en Distrito 1 directamente por Asgardia. Pero igual uno puede registrarse por el Distrito ...