May 19, 02 / May 11, 18 12:50 UTC
Venezuela exports coltan for the first time to Italy
The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, announced the first Venezuelan export of coltan for Europe, extracted from the Mining Arc in the state of Bolívar. 
"Today is going to give the first export in the economic history of Venezuela of a mineral called the coltan and will be exported from Venezuela to the Republic of Italy," said Maduro. 
In this regard, he stressed that the second half of 2018 will be "economic growth, stability, emergence and wealth, because we have created the basis for that." 
For its part, the Minister for Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, José Gregorio Vielma Mora, explained that five tons of this mineral are being exported. In addition, it is an official transfer that has all the required documents and permits, according to the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV). 
The Minister for Ecological Mining Development, Víctor Cano, stressed that they will continue with the export processes of coltan through the strategic alliances that they have signed with various mixed companies of the entity.