Jun 23, 02 / Jun 12, 18 13:46 UTC

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Everyone, if you do not know what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( Wikipedia Entry ) is then I would implore your to check it out. It is a powerful and very Asgardian document which, when put together following WWII, lays out the basic human rights that are accorded to all humans no matter who, what, or where you are.

The text from this document also forms the foundations for my Asgardian Unified Rights of Citizenship , which is apart of my constitutional rewrite.

World Service Authority (WSA)

The World Service Authority ( Wikipedia Entry ) ( or the World Government for World Citizens ) was also founded post WWII by a WWII vet who saw the horrors of the war first hand. He founded the WSA as as method of working towards peace and as a way to implement the UDHR from above. He believed in this so much that be renounced his US citizenship and became a stateless person and a world citizen. The WSA also issues World Government passports, ID's, and other official documents and does work with refugees and other stateless persons.

Jun 23, 02 / Jun 12, 18 16:33 UTC
The Geneva Convention came out of the World Wars as well
Jun 24, 02 / Jun 13, 18 13:16 UTC
Yup! A very unfortunate necessity.
Aug 25, 02 / Sep 6, 18 19:00 UTC
As how it should be for everyone. But some don't have peace in their hearts.
Aug 26, 02 / Sep 7, 18 17:57 UTC
Which is why an educational program needs to be created - social engineering will be required to effectuate the change.