Jul 3, 02 / Jul 18, 18 04:34 UTC
Identidades Festival Fonni Municipality Sardinia, Italy

I am very glad to share with the Asgardians that I will present an international Conference through the FOCNC Colombian Division . "The Economic Model of the Culture, Tourism and Sustainable Education Sector" It will be presented on August 3, 2018 in Sardinia, Italy.

As International Speaker and parliamentary of Asgardia I have the opportunity cross and introduce  Asgardia in important scenarios to strengthen the links!

Jul 3, 02 / Jul 18, 18 05:58 UTC
Congratulation a very nice event.
Jul 5, 02 / Jul 20, 18 21:09 UTC
Thanks very much! It will be another great place to bring together the nations with a great goal!
Jul 5, 02 / Jul 20, 18 21:09 UTC
Sure! Thank you to share it! All the best!