Jul 17, 02 / Aug 1, 18 00:53 UTC

Although a disappointing and a tough decision, I have come to an understanding that i Isaiah king does not meet up to the requirements of the position I aim for, I don't feel adequate for the position either, there is another chance for me to serve Asgardia and her Citizens and this I would do, I would love my supporters to bear with me, my diploma is unavailable for now and so is a resume or form of ID, with these and other factors taken into place, I have decided to pull out from the race of an Administrative Assistant in the Ministry of Culture.

Thank you.

Jul 17, 02 / Aug 1, 18 02:02 UTC
It is a pity that this happens but as an Asgardian we know that you can give encouragement to the projects that are to be consolidated, a cordial greeting for you.