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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Jul 17, 02 / Aug 1, 18 22:03 UTC
Jul 17, 02 / Aug 1, 18 23:47 UTC
Sou interestelar nas minhas idéias e sentimentos.
Jul 17, 02 / Aug 1, 18 23:49 UTC
Sucesso pleno a todos...
Jul 19, 02 / Aug 3, 18 02:36 UTC
Hello dear friend 🙏
Jul 23, 02 / Aug 7, 18 17:35 UTC
long live Boris Petrovich! -a real effective self-sufficient qualified minister of science of Asgardia!//да здравствует Борис Петрович!-настоящий эффективный самодостаточный квалифицированный МИНИСТР науки АСГАРДИИ!
Jul 23, 02 / Aug 7, 18 19:00 UTC
Boris Petrovic was born to lead Asgardia Space Nation into the future as its` Minister of Science. He is a man of science and has proven his abilities throughout the world following in the footsteps of the great Nikola Tesla. His choice of residing in Brazil is for the exact ...
Jul 23, 02 / Aug 7, 18 20:59 UTC
Simply sensational, perfect design. Aligning the project well prepared with the climatic conditions and resources that we have here in Brazil, this project has everything to become a true success! You have all our support to go ahead with the implementation of this project.
Jul 24, 02 / Aug 8, 18 03:46 UTC
Please, send me this presentation, its hard to read it here.Thanks
Jul 24, 02 / Aug 8, 18 04:08 UTC
We invite you! Good afternoon , we invite you to participate in the conference! Thank you! 27/08/2018 Application deadline 29-30-31 / 08/18 Holding of the Conference
Aug 5, 02 / Aug 17, 18 04:44 UTC
Wonderful !!! I wish we will have many intense conversations to come!!!
Sep 8, 02 / Sep 17, 18 17:23 UTC
Bom dia, Boris. Podemos receber o material em português, ou para traduzi-lo? Aqui a informação está muito compactada para ler.