Aug 13, 02 / Aug 25, 18 13:19 UTC
Space Education in Asgardia

1st Conference. Space Education in Asgardia

Topics of discussion:

#1. The need to unite teachers from different districts into a single network educational cluster of Asgardia and the design of the future educational system of Asgardia

# 2. Educational specialties and educational disciplines in engineering infrastructure of Asgardia;

# 3. Educational specialties and educational disciplines in state-forming and economic infrastructure of Asgardia;

#4. Philosophical-ideological and cosmopolitan aspects of the educational system of Asgardia;

Language of the conference: Official languages of Asgardia

The time of the conference: August 29-31, 2018

The deadline for registration of applications from participants is August 27, 2018.

Participants: active citizens of Asgardia, teachers, teachers, participants of the sub-forum education.

Feb 6, 03 / Feb 3, 19 18:11 UTC
HI PROF.Oniglio, i am interested to study space technology there is any program for our nation