Jun 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 15:35 UTC

If I am a citizen of Asgardia, the constitution, as is on 16 June 2017, states that I must... "pay all taxes and levies" to Asgardia. What if I understand the ideal behind the first human Space Nation and believe in its value and worth; yet, do not feel that I must be forced to burden additional tax and levies other than those I already shoulder?
Will Asgardian citizens understand my feelings? Will the ruling body also be tolerant of conscience objectors who do not pay their tax and levies? Will the punishment be expulsion from a united community that is based on unity, equality and understanding? Or will there be a place for those who hope to further the ideal of Asgardia?

Continued study of the Constitution, as proposed, does offer some additional information. The word voluntary is used in one location that might well be answer, however, the odd way in which the line item was written still gives me pause.

Another possibility is, oddly enough, the creation of the National Bank of Asgardia. While a creation of a bank is not really a problem, finding an insurer is! Let us hope that the specialist citizens who take the responsibility on to set up this Bank will do so with great care and regard to the citizenship of Asgardia.

The one personal question I have is, will the National Bank of Asgardia fall into line with some other countries and share financial data with the county of the citizen who has the account? [By sharing Asgarian citizens financial information, the citizen will realize a greater tax burden in their Earth county of origin. ] However, if the National Bank of Asgardia does not share financial data with a citizens Earth country of origin, this would relieve the individual of county of origin tax burden, allowing them to easily voluntarily pay any tax and levies prescribed from 'We the people.'

Should the Bank offer interest baring account(s) of various types, the interest earned may well allow the citizen to pay their annual tax burden directly from interest earned. It may well behoove the Ministry of Finance to set up a very easy way to pay tax, levies, donations to Asgardian preferred charities, etc. directly from the National Banks website. Not only would this keep the money in-house, it will also offer a singular line of tracking.

Your thoughts?

Aug 18, 01 / Aug 30, 17 15:53 UTC

National bank of Asgardia should declare it's currency first after that ministry of finance will operate it's banking proceedings and Asgardia's currency will get international market values . Asgardians will participate in national Bank of Asgardia . Asgardia Government should come in effect first . All asgardians should be ...

Sep 14, 01 / Sep 23, 17 07:34 UTC

Hi man, the answer is here, in "FINANCE" !


Oct 6, 01 / Oct 13, 17 12:27 UTC

Igor Delaire, thank you very much for the link. The verbiage on this page has been updated, however is very general in nature. An example might be that the Finance section states the National Bank of Asgardia already exists and yet, it does not. I do understand that ...