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Jun 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 16:03 UTC
Honor, Freedom, Peace, Knowledge

From all new things can spring forth unintended consequences. With a concept as new and radical as our Asgardia, a multitude of futures is possible, some fantastic and some frightening. We must be diligent now to protect our nation and ensure it remains true to her destiny.

Asgardia is in her most vulnerable stages now, in her infancy, where the framework that makes her she is can potentially be twisted or corrupted. We must band together now to keep Asgardia pure and true. All throughout human history, nations have been plagued with strife. We will not allow the squabbles of Earth to reach space.

Asgardia is too precious a thing, in what she represents, to allow her to be threatened. We at last have a way to peacefully reach into the heavens and exist among the stars, as none before us ever has. We must use every tool and utilize every tactic, peacefully and responsibly, at our disposal to keep Asgardia true.

Asgardia is above the politics and petty differences that plague every Earthly nation. We are like no other country that has ever existed and it is with this uniqueness that we can hope to build something that has never before existed: a peaceful state that holds tolerance and logic as its innermost core principles.

With the light of science and the very human drive to expand and explore every possible horizon, we can achieve that which has never been done before. The troubles of the Earth must stay with the Earth. We must strive, now, to refuse the problems of the past to prevail into our future.

We strive to forge a society on the other side of the sky, and to show by example what the light of logic and the path of passion can achieve when every person is valued as the treasure they are. In Asgardia, every individual, regardless of his or her past is an immeasurable resource of limitless worth and potential. We have a populace more diverse than any other nation in the world.

Language and race and terrestrial borders mean nothing to Asgardians, as we have already transcended these bonds. I want to do everything I can to keep Asgardia as it is and is intended to be, no matter the amount of effort needed or the prices to be paid.

We must band together in Unity to ensure we keep our Asgardia true to her purpose. We must not allow Terra's mistakes to spread to space. By knowing where we come from, we can better know where we are going. Please help me help make this a continued reality.

We all have a part to play in the grand scheme of things. How large or small that part is depends on each of us, and the choices me make on the road called life.

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 08:53 UTC

Counting on you Brandon!!!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 10:02 UTC

Iriel? Lol Angel is that you? Has to be! Thanks for the vote and you can always count on me! How is the writing coming? Hope all is well!

Asg 8, 01 / Jun 25, 17 15:51 UTC

. We cannot say that we shall protect the earth from asteroids in one breath and in another say "the earth's problems remain with the earth." Easy does it.

Asg 8, 01 / Jun 25, 17 16:14 UTC

That is taking those words out of context. I mean the political problems and wars over senseless things. There is no reason those things should be transferred to space. None.

Asg 15, 01 / Jul 2, 17 14:16 UTC

I hope it's the perfect world of peace.。。I'm not good at English

Asg 15, 01 / Jul 2, 17 16:11 UTC

As do I, my friend. I will work as hard as I can do make it so.

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 09:35 UTC


We don't want to transfer our problems to the asgardia but the earth is still our home! We must be honest and responsible front of injustice all over the universe! And school that to our children! Else we couldn't help making the new nation with the previous problems inside!! Example injustice, war etc. And everything has their place! War is good at that place example protect from justice!


Asg 24, 01 / Jul 11, 17 18:51 UTC

What skills do you have? Life Experiences? Areas of Interest? Hobbies? General Knowledge Concerning? Great little write up but it does not actually say a single thing about you, much as i enjoy a popularity contest i prefer a canadite with some type of experience in some meaningful Area

Asg 24, 01 / Jul 11, 17 22:57 UTC

I posted my CV in my blog.

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 05:57 UTC

Brandon. You seem to have the right stuff. I'm a retired archaeologist and teacher with specialization in contact, civilizations or social. I'm voting for you, and running for debutant if you or your team need help.

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 06:08 UTC

Thank you very much! And I certainly believe skills such as yours will be quite useful in the days to come. Asgardia needs all hands on deck!

Jul 16, 01 / Jul 31, 17 14:07 UTC

Hope will be a proof of new knowledge new science and new technology with solidarity of all asgardia citizen

Nov 12, 01 / Nov 16, 17 15:22 UTC

Come on! good luck!

Nov 12, 01 / Nov 16, 17 15:22 UTC

Come on! good luck!

Nov 12, 01 / Nov 16, 17 15:22 UTC

Come on! good luck!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 08:58 UTC

Inspiring, young man. Let's see if you live up to it.

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 10:03 UTC

Thank you, sir. I will do be utter best.

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 09:06 UTC

I will take a chance on you. I like your spirit and you have a way with words. Let's see if it's more than that.

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 10:00 UTC

Thanks! We will see? Kinda a new thing for be but I will try my best at it!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 09:25 UTC

Brandon!!! Bro why didn't you tell me about this earlier????  A freaking space nation??? How am I just now finding out this was a thing? You were holding out on me! Anyway you definitely have my vote sky brother! Blue Skies my friend. Always.

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 09:59 UTC

Thanks Kyle! Lol I never knew this would be your thing. Guess I was wrong. Sorry! Blue skies, bro! And thanks for all the coaching. You rock!

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 06:00 UTC

Blue Skies, an EvE saying. Good. 07

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 14:14 UTC

Kyle! You always copying me! That is my swag bro! Change your stupid profile pic! I refuse to change mine. Post that Dubai jump pic. The one where you tried to do rapid fire flips and hurled in free fall! Suits you better! Clown shoes! Lol. Just kidding bro. We love ya. You still gotta change the pic though. I refuse. My swag, so mine stays!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 14:16 UTC

Rofl. I remember that!!! He still has those pics? Thought he made you delete those? And the video?

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 14:19 UTC

Nope! I still have all of it! That is the beauty of being the videographer! I get copies of everything! Boom!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 09:40 UTC

Yo my little sky brotha!!! Wow Asgardia huh? Never even knew this existed. A country in the sky? Yes please! Thanks for telling about this, brohan! Definitely epic level cool. Giving you my vote for sure! Make it count! PS congratz on your B-license check dive pass!!! on your way to joining the skydiving hall of fame! Keep it up! Night jumps scary, right? Blue skies my little buddy!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 09:51 UTC

Oh yeah, you're buying the beer next week! Consider it a bribe! Lol jk. About the bribe part, not the beer! ;P

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 10:07 UTC

Lol ssshhh. Nobody is supposed to know about the bribe! Lol. Yeah the beer is on me, bro! Least I can do for all the help with canopy control you gave me!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 14:07 UTC

Bux! You big ox! Lol big space ox now! How cool is this? Asgardia! I think we owe Bee a drink!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 14:09 UTC

Hell yes you do! Two drinks. Each!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 10:38 UTC

Trilingual, and you skydive? Are you sure you are from Ohio, or anywhere in the Midwest, for that matter? Nice piece. I like how you put this. Thought it was going to be boring by the title, but it was almost poetic. You have my vote. Just remember I can remove it! (I think.) So use it well.

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 10:43 UTC

Wow thank you. I am in college. Taking Japanese and French. Engineering and physics, so two languages. Plus lived all over the  while my father served in the US Marine Corps. Paris and Tokyo were my favorite places we stayed at. Lol and no I am a California native. Is that obvious, somehow? I will live up to the vote!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 10:47 UTC

Ah. That somehow does not surprise me, being born in Cali. You traveled the world? So lucky! I want to someday. Engineering and physics? That sounds ridiculously hard. I am attending too. Nothing like you, just Biology!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 10:53 UTC

Yeah my father is a retired colonel. He had did security work for the US embassies. Still not sure what exactly. Still classified. He had rank so we got to go to pretty every major country capitol we have an embassy at. Spent a few months to a couple years each place. Lots of private and home schooling! Biology? That is really interesting actually!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 11:12 UTC

Hi Bran!!! Wow you were for real about this? Is a country in space even possible? Thought there was some international law against that? Lol I am a skydiving instructor not a lawyer! I see you told Kyle and Bux about this. They are so goofy! You three would live in space. Been checking the site out. Looks great. I really like what you wrote! Never knew you were good with words... I shot you a vote!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 11:28 UTC

Sarah!!! Oh my god you actually checked this out? Wow. Never knew this was your thing, either. Huh. I need to get to know my friends better! Yeah this is totally for real! Lol you already know I had to tell Kyle and Big Bux too! And heck yeah we would live in space! And you are right about there being a UN law kind of stopping sovereignty in space but we are hoping to change that! You actually posted your pajama jump pic? That is hilarious! And you call Kyle and Bux goofy! How are Jerry and Dana doing? Thanks for the vote! Blue skies, sky sister!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 14:27 UTC

Sarah! Your pajamas are showing! :P Yes! Kyle and Bux are total gooftards! I agree! Lol space Sarah! Never would have thought you would care about this kind of thing! What ever happened to all those NASA is a waste of tax dollars rants? And the military! Now you're a citizen of a country all about space. Irony is sweet! Let me hear you preach about either ever again!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 11:47 UTC

Blue skies forever!!! Jerry and Dana are well. They are getting so big so fast! Jerry is pushing furniture over! Furniture! Dana said her first word yesterday. Was it Mama? Nope. Was it Dada? Nope. It was ice cream! Ice cream! And just as the ice cream truck was going down our street. Lol just goes to show where her priorities are! Oh Bux told me about your check dive! Congratz!!! B-license holder now, huh? I cannot believe you have made so much progress so quickly! Like oh my god is there anything you are terrible at? Just kidding! You have come a long way really really quick though! Never seen anything like it. I mean that. You will have your competition and coach ratings in no time as this rate. Hey I love my pajama jump pic! Might have started as a lost bet but it turned out to be for a good cause! You leave it alone! :P Anyway, blue skies, Brandon. You coming out next week? The plane will be waiting for ya!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 12:00 UTC

Wow. Pushing over furniture? He's 5! You mean like little tiny chairs? I am laughing so hard right now at the first word thing. Sorry! It's funny! Ice cream! Well at least you know she's down to business, right? Yeah nailed the B-license! Wahoo! Thanks to you, Bux, Kyle, Jenny, and Harry! Oh and Robert! Can't ever forget Robert! Yeah I am coming out to the drop zone next week. Bux stuck me with buying the beer after we jump! Thanks again, Sarah. For everything.

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 12:22 UTC

Hmm. All of you are posting cool skydive pics. Probably would look terrible for a candidate, but I want to!

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 13:35 UTC

Yo Bee. How's it flyin bro? Dang I see I am the last to the party. Ah well. I see Bux and Kyle are here. Dang and Sarah? How did you pull that off? I might be late but you know I had to see if this was legit. No offense, bro, but an outer space country? Totally thought you were yanking my chain. But this is for real. Wow. Are you running for office or something? I gave you a vote. Ah man Kyle's pic looks just like mine. Bum! He knows that's my swag not his! Now I have to change mine... Wow everybody but you did a dive pic. How come? Anyway thanks for tuning me into this man. It was super easy to sign up. And you guys have your own constitution? I guess I should say we at this point. Took forever but I read it. Didn't like a bunch of stuff but who always likes everything about the government anyway? Wow a monarchy? We have a for real king? That is going to be so weird! Do we call him Highness? Looked up that Dr. Igor guy. You know me bro I gotta check everything before I sign on to something. He seems okay. Gotta watch his youtube thingie later though. it's too early for that now. This seems really cool. Way better than I thought it would be honestly. Can I run for office too? Or do you have to have been a citizen a long time? I think that would be really cool. lol leader in a space colony! wow that sounds so bizarre. I still can't believe this is real. It has press conferences and articles and everything. Yeah I read up on it before signing anything. not a fan of extra taxes, as you know a skydiving videographer doesn't make that much anyway, but I wouldn't mind for this. Anyway thanks again bro. Blue skies my brother! Oh and well done on the check dive! Wow bro you really blaze trails don't you? I remember recording your first tandem dive and now you got a B license already. Crazy stuff. Totally awesome though! you gonna have to show me around this site man and show me what all we can do. Until then, blue skies my dude.

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 14:00 UTC

Rob! Dang bro even you came? You were so sceptical I thought you wrote this off. Glad to see you though! Wow all of you came to support me. Words can't describe how awesome that is! Glad signing up was easy for you. You actually read the constitution? You? Lol wow. Yeah its for real. We have a king. Dont know if the Highness thing applies. That is the UK. Lol but it might. I definitely knew you would do a lot of research on this if you decided to take it seriously. I wouldn't have told you about   it if I thought it was bogus. Yeah I am running as trendsetter. And yes you can totally run too right now too if you wanted. Seriously. I will show you how and the the forums later. They have a facebook group too. Thanks for the vote! I will return the favor if you run. I think you would like it. Yeah everyone says I got my B-license freakishly fast. Even Sarah. Wow did I really? I just went full throttle is all. You all helped immensely with that though. Without you guys in my corner I never would have made such progress. Lol and I didn't have  to do anything to get Sarah to join. She likes the concept all on her own. I just told her about it. Surprised me too! I will show you around the site later for sure. I will be at the drop zone next week. I'm buying the beer! Lol thank Bux for that. Until then, bro, blue skies. Thanks again for everything. You guys are the best!

Asg 6, 01 / Jun 23, 17 17:29 UTC

I have a few questions I would like to ask:

So it seems that you look forward towards the revision of the constitution as you say I quote,"ASGARDIA IS IN HER MOST VULNERABLE STAGES NOW, IN HER INFANCY, WHERE THE FRAMEWORK THAT MAKES HER SHE IS CAN POTENTIALLY BE TWISTED OR CORRUPTED." (Sorry for the caps)

What other possibilities might you work with other than the revision of the constitution?

Second question: Seeing that are are running as a Trendsetter do you have any intention of climbing to Ambassador and possibly apply to join the parliament?

Asg 6, 01 / Jun 23, 17 20:00 UTC

To answer your first inquiry, yes. I am looking toward some constitutional revision. I do not see the current document holding long term in its current state. It is overly vague in places when it should be precise and rigid in places it needs to be flexible. Also I have serious concerns on the checks and balances or lack thereof Asgardia would have as is. A multi-branch government needs have powerful limits between its parts, each fundamentally reigning in the others. As for other possibilities to work with politically - the policies themselves. In many places, the constitution refers to a policy with text like "as determined by Asgardia law" or such similar language. Those laws and rules will have great effect on the nation as a whole obviously and need to be tailored carefully. Another reason the checks and balances cannot be weak.

To respond to your second inquiry, if the opportunity presents itself, and the support is there, then yes. I intend to reach as high as I feasibly can. I have a true affection for what Asgardia represents and want wholeheartedly to do whatever I can to keep it aligned with what its intended to be. The higher I reach, the more effectively I can do that. For now, Trendsetter. Eventually, who can say? I set goals as they are attainable but I do keep an eye to potential futures and plan accordingly.

Asg 6, 01 / Jun 23, 17 22:56 UTC

And upon solving the second question I have a third.

It has been said the the Parliament has been tasked into creating a value for taxes of all Asgardians, what's your ideal tax value for all Asgardians so that different conversions of currency exchange can aide within the development for Asgardia itself?

Asg 7, 01 / Jun 24, 17 02:22 UTC

That is a tricky beast to tackle this early in the game. Before a fair tax system could be raised, a lot more information about the citizenry would need to be known. There is a vast amount of diversity among the population, and to give a number this early in the process would be premature without knowing more.

However I can safely give some highlights. The taxes must realistically be low. The citizens will effectively paying double taxes, those of their current nation of residence and Asgardia's. It would be unfair and counter productive to have taxes set too high. Also,  most leading nations today have a convoluted tax code that is far more complicated than it has to be to serve its function. Asgardia's should be simple so the layperson can easily see where they stand. Existing tax codes such as that of the US also favors the wealthy and corporations by offering either enormous tax breaks, leaving the middle and lower classes paying more than is fair in comparison. I am in favor of tax breaks but they must be more evenly equal in scope and availability. Everyone  their share whom are able, no matter their net worth or income.

Most nations also have a regional/governmental level ladder of taxation. Meaning you are taxed by the nation, then say the state or province, then the  or city. That will need tweaked for Asgardia as it exists all over the world. Some areas are more populated than others and wealthier than others as well. All zones will need funded to develope structure that does not yet exist. Local assets like embassies, government employees, buildings, land, etc. Another note to bare in mind when speaking of taxes this early is it it hard to nail down any specifics before Asgardia even has a central financial system in place yet. How much is an individual unit of Asgardian money worth in terms of other currencies? How is that even determined? And how does one convert those values to determine what they can or should pay?

Too much needs to come into place as yet to drop a  and fair tax plan at this time, more than I could state here.

Asg 6, 01 / Jun 23, 17 21:27 UTC

Hey bro this is Ricky Sickles I just voted for you from my wife tablet

Asg 7, 01 / Jun 24, 17 01:57 UTC


Asg 8, 01 / Jun 25, 17 00:35 UTC

We can do it brother.All the best. counting on you

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 07:06 UTC

Thank you. I will not let you down.

Asg 8, 01 / Jun 25, 17 01:36 UTC

Proud to support you as a local Trendsetter bro! Send your CV in to and run for Ambassador too.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 07:14 UTC

I am focusing on Trendsetter for now. I find it a bit dubious one must end their CV in to be considered for Ambassador when it was initially announced to be the product of 10,000 votes. How do the votes matter if the current authorities of Asgardia alone vet you as a candidate? Do they pick and choose first whom they want and then allow the voting to begin? If so, that is arbitrarily shutting down the free-vote system by narrowing the candidates all to just the select few that meet their desired qualifications, so, in practice, only a candidate they desire gets voted in no matter what. Not my idea of a democratic system. Trendsetter is completely open-voting, meaning no prior secret vetting process. The voters directly elevate the candidates they desire. I will aim for that for now and as that 1000 draws nearer, if it does, I will begin planning the next phase with public feedback taken into account.

Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 07:34 UTC

Correction: I had that wrong. Asgardia wants Trendsetter candidates to send in their CV and references as well. Had to correct that previously posted error. No worries! Sent mine in!

Asg 8, 01 / Jun 25, 17 13:15 UTC

В этом проекте есть и прагматическая цель: защитить генофонд человечества на случай космической катастрофы. Именно поэтому необходимо как можно быстрее реализовать проект

Asg 8, 01 / Jun 25, 17 13:15 UTC

В этом проекте есть и прагматическая цель: защитить генофонд человечества на случай космической катастрофы. Именно поэтому необходимо как можно быстрее реализовать проект

Asg 9, 01 / Jun 26, 17 18:40 UTC

Let stars light your path

Asg 9, 01 / Jun 26, 17 18:40 UTC

Let stars light your path

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 07:15 UTC

Very poetic. Thank you.

Asg 9, 01 / Jun 26, 17 21:47 UTC

Hi Brandon! Its awesome to see someone so passionate about anything these days so I thank you for stepping up and putting yourself into the public eye to insure the success of Asgardia.

One thing I have always thought about growing up was the cultural divide between generations. More specifically, about the process in which what is morally acceptable or legally allowed changes over time, how difficult that transition always seems to be, and how an animosity between the "trend-setters" of the new generation and the die-hard traditionalists of the previous generation always seems to take root. I understand, and agree with the goal of keeping the problems of politics on Earth and out of Asgardia and the future of humankind, but I do not think this goal should keep us from having thoughtful discussions about human nature.

With that said, id like to offer an example of my own ideologies or "natures" that I am actually concerned about producing these same generational divides.


I am assuming you and I are about the same age. Rather at least in the same generation of Americans who grew up with a better understanding, love for, and inclusiveness of the LGBTQ community than our parents or grandparents did. I imagine that seeing this fight for marriage-equality in action and having more and more of our friends, loved ones, and mentors come out of the closet has allowed us to easily call ourselves "inclusive, compassionate, cultured" (you name it).

Now lets think hypothetically about the next big jump forward in the culture and acceptance of our sexuality, say the discovery of, and inclusion into our society of sentient alien life. I honestly dont know what I would think or how I would feel about inter-species relationships. I hope I would be just as progressive as I am with my views and actions toward the LGBTQ rights movement, but if that discovery is when I am 70 years old living in a retirement community in low earth-orbit, who knows what I, or you might think.

I would like you to reflect on this and offer your views before I vote. Often my approaches for change, like you concurred in your profile, are best handled with logic and data. Can you imagine any scenarios where the most compassionate and moral path forward doesn't line up with logic, how might you approach that.

Thank you for indulging me.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 08:21 UTC

Wow. Okay I knew I was going to be thrust into the spotlight... Thank you for sharing this. I will do my best to try to tender a worthy response. My own experience with the LGBTQ movement has a been a strange one. I am a California native and growing up, depending on where you live, the community was either tolerant or outright hostile to anything other than straight, same race unions. At times this came down to neighborhood to neighborhood. My father is a retired Marine Corps colonel and he has strong views on this. He is extremely religious, Christian by faith, and does not exhibit a high threshold of tolerance for these things. He of course raised us to have similar views, or attempted to. For the largest part of my growing up, this never hit home for me. Being a mostly white male, straight, this didn't come to mind strongly until I started living abroad. My father, before he retired, did security related work with the US embassies around the world. Having rank, he often got to take the family with him. Having lived for a time in places like Moscow, I saw outright hatred for anything resembling LGBTQ. In places like Paris, though, the script was flipped. After experiencing so many different views abroad I had to sit back and wonder which was correct, if any. Still, the issue did not really hit home until I was seventeen or so and my cousin came "out of the closet." This did not sit well with many in the family, of course, and created a divide. Those who did not care and those who outright disowned that cousin until she "got her head screwed on straight."

She and I had always been close and I did not see how her personal preferences affected anything. I mean, she was still whom she always had been, so what had really changed? I had all the opinions my father had tried cramming into my head in one hand and the stark reality of the situation in the other. It was a troubling time, but I eventually decided to ignore it. I didn't decide one way or another and just played Switzerland with the entire affair, neutral. I still talked to my cousin and we still hung out together. I just refused to acknowledge or make a stand for either point of view. As time went on, close friends of mine from childhood came "out" and as shocking as that had been (they hid this side of themselves very well) I was not too surprised, meaning it did not shake me up as it might have in my younger years. Now I really had a choice to make.

My entire social circle was now affected by this. Friends demanded I stop remaining connected to other friends and the same was still raging on within the family. I sat back one day and thought "Where did this all come from?" I remember spending an entire evening in deep thought over this. What merits did each side of the issue have? Most of the "against" opinions favored two arguments. The first being religious purposes, and the second claiming anything but straight was "against the natural order." I tore those lines of "reasoning" apart. I found dismissing the religious points was harder than I expected, even though I am an admitted atheist. I either had to choose to respect the religious beliefs of others somehow or the views of the LGBTQ community. I decided eventually that such views contradicted much of the very doctrine embedded in those religions, such as for tolerance and kindness to others and what have you. So how can religions cast such conflicting nets? Do not hate others, except if they are gay, and help your neighbor but only if he or she is straight? That moved no mountains with me at all.

As for the "against the natural order" argument, I had an even harder time. It is true evolution seems to have favored the two-gender system of procreation. And it is also true that if all members of a given species were to go outside of this system, as in join in same-sex unions or what have you, the species would go extinct, not counting, obviously, asexual organisms. Also, I was surprised to find examples of homosexual activity do occur within the animal kingdom, though usually in circumstances when a group of, say male gorillas, are isolated from any females yet the urge for sex which is hardwired into them is strong. It seems only humans definitively pursue same-sex unions even in the presence of plenty of potential mates of the opposite gender. On face value, this seems to be a valid point.

But as I looked at it I realized it breaks down the deeper you go. If humans stopped doing everything that was "against the natural order,"  meaning anything not found in the animal kingdom, our society would cease to exist. Animals do not drive cars, fly in planes, or attempt to forge nations in space. Humans do. Humans are undeniably the most dominant species on Earth and to hold us by the standards of lesser (intellectually) species is ludicrous to me. One cannot use this as a point only when convenient and not apply it equally across the board. That by definition to hypocrisy, and invalidates the entire line of reasoning altogether. So humans are different and cannot be held to the same standards, in this regard, as the rest of life on Earth. With no other examples in the dataset, the conclusions we draw must be personal ones. As of now most governments in the more tolerant nations do a majority view approach toward legislation. If most of the populous in said region are tolerant, the laws usually show that. If not, the laws tend to show that, too.

Asgardia is a concept that prides itself as being the first nation of logic and science and knowledge. When one applies all of these lenses to the LGBTQ issue there comes to mind no reason why it cannot exist peacefully with all other mindsets. There will always be legal trouble with these things as there always is between opposing groups with differing views, but that is for the courts to hash out the affects of laws. As for outright banning such things, I am convinced there is no truly valid reason to ever do so, only for the hatred of what one does not understand. This is just one more of the squabbles Asgardia should leave behind. Acceptance is key. I do not care what personal preference one identifies with, so long as those views do not encroach on those of others and vice versa. A person's rights only extends as far as those of the person's standing next to him or her in any fair government.

As far as unions between humans and aliens... Way too early in the game to decide on that one. Find some aliens and we will talk. There may end up being good reasons, other than the likelihood of such being physically impossible, that banning such things need be done. What if somehow attempting such a thing is somehow lethal to one member of the union? Toxic semen for example or some other thing we can only guess at. Perhaps a virus one species is immune to but carries and can be spread sexually and cause an epidemic in the other species. For now, tolerance is key, but there may be circumstances, in truly special cases later, that may need to be considered.

And no I do not see any issue that logic and science cannot solve so long as all members of said issue apply such equally. As that is hardly ever the case, we will handle things as we always have: by attempting to respect the views of others and looking toward the greater good versus personal squabbles.

Asg 11, 01 / Jun 28, 17 21:46 UTC

Hey Brandon thank you for taking a considerable amount of your time and effort into exploring your own psyche and possible biases, this is truly a difficult act and you seem grounded enough to be able to do so constructively. Major points there.

Regarding your first few paragraphs that led to your understanding of the opposition having two major arguments, religion and nature:

I certainly agree with your conclusion that there exists various contradictions between what any "holy text" objectively reads and its subjective or derived meaning and subsequent implementation into a religion and society at large. I just wanted to suggest that, being that this is almost always the case with any religion, those in positions of power in Asgardia strongly support the separation of church and state and in doing so further decrease the politics brought into our greatly anticipated Asgardia.

I also love that you were able to think deeper and see that for better or worse humans are far past the natural order of things, I believe we are nearing an era of deciding what it is that we want humanity to be, to look like, to believe in, to value etc. Asgardia may be the first step toward that and you've have outlined some great broad strokes of what you want humanity to look like and stand for (knowledge, logic, peace, honor). I concur with all those values you originally listed.

You did say though that "There will always be legal trouble with these things as there always is between opposing groups with differing views, but that is for the courts to hash out the affects of laws" I would refer back to your profile headline "FROM ALL NEW THINGS CAN SPRING FORTH UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES" to say simply that we should design the laws and courts to focus on one thing and thing only: the involved individual's consent, but of course ALL of those who are truly involved.

This is key. Remember this in whatever you support or dont support as the next trend-setter and you will do Asgardia and its citizens proud.

Again thank you for humouring me and not simply saying something like "I dont discuss that here" we've heard that enough before. You've earned my vote.

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 06:10 UTC

Well I said my credentials above and volunteered to give you a hand, here goes. Brandon, a lot of anthropologists and archaeologists have found the LGBTQ is not against the mythical natural order. There is increasing evidence that it is the opposite, ie: a social purpose. Remember science is in its infancy too, and patience with the development of science is key. As for religions, I'm a religious person, but believe that any religion that discriminates is no longer a religion but a collection of beings with fear.

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 06:51 UTC

Very well said, my friend. I accept your offer. Let's hope we get the opportunity to grow Asgardia together for the better!

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 01:52 UTC

Hello Brandon,
Couple of quick questions for you?

What is your relationship with the group that is currently calling itself "" / "Project Jericho" or "Asgardia Holdings LLC".

I see from your Facebook profile that you declare yourself "Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Asgardia Global Holdings LLC" a company that is currently had a cease and desist order placed against it to terminate the use of the name ASGARDIA.

Is your candidacy simply a method to enter the governmental system to have the Cease and desist order dropped?

Is your candidacy simply  method to subvert the Asgardians into secretly supporting your project to open a private island resort?

If elected will you cease all ties to this FOR PROFIT company that is using the name ASGARDIA?

What assurances can you give us that you are not using these elections to promote your own private project / business?


should your nomination be suspended while this remark is investigated:

Sherry Sickles

Hey bro this is Ricky Sickles I just voted for you from my wife tablet

Why is this person voting for you twice?

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 03:07 UTC

I too would also like an answer on this case.

It is a good find @Buck Rogers.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 08:59 UTC

All very good questions. First, as for the Asgardia Global Holdings LLC, from here out referred to by its original name Jericho, I am not the Chief Marketing Officer any longer, though my not-so-up-to-date Facebook still says that. This oversight, which I had completely forgotten about, will soon be rectified. I actually thank you for bringing that up, as I can see what confusion that could cause. As for the cease and desist notice... I have no knowledge of any of the legal aspects of Scott Trombley's Jericho and Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli's Asgardia. I am no where near important enough in either group to be privy to such things, as they are quite personal in scope.

And no I can ensure anyone whom cares to listen my candidacy has nothing to do with some secret covert action to try to bring down a court order I did not know existed until now, or any other such subversive action. Until now, sir, I have intentionally made absolutely no reference to Jericho, and would not have, accept your concerns are quite valid and deserve a response. I am in no way advertising for Jericho or endorsing it in any way. As to whether or not you believe that is up to you, of course.

If elected would I cease ties to Jericho? Hmm. I hadn't considered that honesty. I never really saw the point in both groups having to absolutely be at odds with one another. The Jericho Project could exist independently of Asgardia quite well. I never approved of the dual use of the term "Asgardia" and I have told Scott Trombley this publicly when I was his Chief Marketing Officer. From what I understand he only did so because he felt Asgardia was not living up to what it originally marketed itself to be and was attempting to offer an alternative. He is intending to change the name as far as I know, eventually. Those statements are in no way intended as a defense for anything, just a recollection of things as I saw them. If Jericho continues to use the name Asgardia after I am elected, if that ever happens, then this could cause obvious issues. I leave that up to the constituents. If it really has that big of an impact on their views and feelings, I of course will bend to their judgment. That is was a good leader should do: listen to those he or she leads. I think your views of how involved with Jericho I am these days is not accurate. I help regulate the Facebook groups still, as it helps me keep up with what they are doing these days, and I occasionally offer advice as a consultant of sorts, though completely on a voluntary basis. I in no way am paid by either Jericho or Asgardia.

Ah, Ricky Sickles is a friend on Facebook. He and his wife are both Asgardians, fair and honestly. As far as I can ascertain, she isn't as up to date technologically as some younger members. He did not try a cheat to vote for me twice. She consented on the vote, he just did the digital part of it for her as she is not so comfortable with such things. I have not read anywhere that this was disallowed. I can ask that that vote be removed if it honestly bothers people... It is nothing nefarious or covert. Just friends trying to support a friend. If you feel an investigation if warranted, please do so. Wow though. Didn't think something like this would be a thing this early, but if it would put your mind at ease, do what you see fit. Leave no stone unturned if you wish. I apologize in advance, though, for the time and energy expended when you find nothing is amiss. Still, it your right.

If you have any other concerns, please keep posting them. I will do my best to answer each.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 11:56 UTC


I notice this morning after reading this that you have indeed removed your employment reference, however you remain an admin in each and ever Facebook group managed by this organization, and on your own forums are still listed as "Founder CMO".

I find it highly strange that a CEO of a company would not share such vital information as a letter of cease and desist with his executives and cofounders so I am very sorry but I cannot really accept "No Knowledge of this" as a valid answer to my question.

I find it odd that regardless of what you say here, you are still in a direct and managerial position in an organization that has set itself up at direct odds with Asgardia.  There have been made several references on the Forum today of legal action by "Asgardia Holdings LCC" upon us should we continue with the vague roadmap that has been presented to us the Officials.

I find your claim of lack of knowledge toward the existing legal issues whilst still being the CMO on paper really disturbing,  and a sign that you might not have the capabilities to truly be a member of our governing body if you are unable to keep up with very public affairs, and your inability to decide "which side of the fence" you wish to be on is equally troubling.

I find this response to judge the majority of us as either naïve or stupid.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 12:31 UTC

Ouch. Well if it helps you clear anything up, why not contact Scott Trombley yourself. Ask him if I am his CMO. I am not. As far as knowledge of the cease and desist, I honestly did not know any official legal action between either group had been taken. I can say that now and a thousand times again. It will not change and neither will your belief or disbelief of that statement. I am not in a managerial position... Where do you get your information? It needs updated. I am a Founder at Jericho; I helped found the concept. That doesn't ever really change. Help founding something only means you helped bring it about, nothing really more. I did say in my response to your last post that I do still help regulate Jericho's Facebook groups. Why is that such a bad thing? It is no real big secret and never was. You paint this like a conspiracy or scandal; it isn't anything covert or elaborate. If so I would have taken the time to remove all references of myself within Jericho. A covert operative is hardly very effective if his name is painted on everything... As far as legal action being brought against Asgardia by Jericho... Huh? Either you really have excellent sources and I am even further out of the loop than I thought, or your theory is just wrong... And you raise a valid point. Scott Trombley should have made this information, if it is valid at all, available to everyone. He has not. I will look into that privately. I think the better point is what do I intend to do if your information is valid. I will keep you posted on that. I have to validate it for myself first. I mean no offense to your integrity, but anyone can say anything online. I will look into it.

As far as claiming I find everyone here naïve or stupid... Harsh and untrue words. You are putting those words in my mouth, sir. Hardly fair. In any case you dislike the Jericho Project, and myself by association and levy hard claims. You can retain your opinion of course, as I suspect it is fixed no matter what I say or what work I do to try to change it. You need not vote for me obviously.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 13:26 UTC

Why should I contact someone else,  I am asking a person who has nominated themselves to become a member of our government a serious question.
It seems to be the de facto process in this group to defer to another location or person if the question is difficult.

The information about the cease and desist was made public on the Asgardia Facebook page in February or March sometime, I'm sorry I can't remember the exact date, which I'm sure you would have known about had you been even a passive member of this Asgardia (as I was).

I did not say that you were a covert operative, but your claims that you do not have a managerial position in an organization, whilst simultaneously managing Facebook groups for them does seem a little odd.

I got my information from your website, from your Facebook groups, from your Facebook Profile, and from Asgardia Facebook pages, so it might be a little old, but it's all public information.

I do not dislike you or the project, but it should have been made clear from the onset of your election campaign that there was a conflict of interest.  Is this not one of the founding principles behind Anticorruption?

"Asgardia is in her most vulnerable stages now, in her infancy, where the framework that makes her she is can potentially be twisted or corrupted."

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 14:02 UTC

That actually makes sense... It being posted on the Asgardia Facebook groups, as that would have been the last place I would have come across it. I haven't actively participated in the groups, even the General one, since the Asgardia forums came online. Call that a lapse if you wish. Your information is certainly outdated. I will update the things I can on my end, but as to when Scott Trombley updates things on the website and other places is up to him. As for being an Admin in his groups... That hardly gives me any power in decision making. I regulate some posts and add or remove members as per the groups' rules of conduct. That is literally all. I helped found the project, so I still have a mild interest in what it's become over the last months. I do not think it's a conflict of interest at all. If Jericho would drop the Asgardia name and go with something else, the two groups could exist seamlessly together as both have quite different mission statements. Many Jericho members still participate happily in Asgardia and nothing bad as come of it. The two need not be mutually exclusive. I only referred you to Mr. Trombley so you could get the most official answer you could possibly get. If you refuse to believe me, and if it means that much to you, go directly to the source and find out for yourself was where I was coming from with that. I actually want you to have the most up to date information possible, or how else can you really have an accurate grasp on any given situation?

Ah, you quote my own words. I meant them when I wrote them, so I understand where you are coming from. It is just most of your concerns are unfounded. Anyway, if I in any way managed to clear even the smallest bit of this up, it was time well spent, plus it showed me some things I need to fix to reduce future confusion. Maybe I do need to cut ties with Jericho, but that stinks of disloyalty as I was there nearly since the start of it. I'm just not made that way... If you have any other concerns, I will address those as well. I do not mind, even if most would consider putting this much effort into responding to someone whom is hardly supportive counterproductive. A person cannot win over everybody. I will open up a conversation with supporters and non-supporters alike, because that it what keeps things progressive: dialogue.


Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 15:12 UTC

It just seems very odd to me.

You do not disclose a possible conflict of interest?

Your part of a group administration that your not part of?

You handle one of the most front facing Public relations resources for a company and yet you have no dealings with the company?

As the candidate for the position you should have the up to date information and not need to refer someone to the CEO of an enterprise in direct conflict with the one your are representing (or both, I'm getting confused as to who you are representing again).

How is it disloyal to separate ties to one group, to show support to another group that you are wanting to represent?

I'm sorry Brandon, but this does not make sense to me, when I leave a position I make sure that they remove me from their active company records so that I might not be held liable for any actions the company makes, but you did not?
Again, to me, it seems like this is an attempt by Asgardia Holdings LLC to gain a political foothold within Asgardia.

I know many will not agree with me, but there are too many questions that you cannot answer without deferring the question,  this disturbs me greatly.

A true representative would hold there hands up and say I don't know, but I'm going to find out right now, or am I wrong.

I actually notice now as well that you have not been active in the Forum here since the same time that Asgardia Holdings LLC was formed, until the Election process began.
Yet you are active on the forum of this group and within their Facebook pages.

Why have you chosen to run for a government position within the Asgardia that you have shown an apparent lack of Interest in since December?

Asg 11, 01 / Jun 28, 17 23:03 UTC

Buck Rogers, I have a serious question for you. If you are so opposed to Project Jericho then why did you apply for a position with them and why did you request to live in Chile as a member of their group? The head of their Human Resources department keeps every application and we are happy to upload yours as proof. Please remember those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 15:49 UTC

asgardia.sp ace/en/blog/candidate/110529-6255-%E4%BD%9C%E4%B8%BA%E6%98%9F%E5%AD%A6%E4%BC%9A%E4%BB%A3%E8%A1%A8%E5%8F%82%E9%80%89as-a-representative-of-the-star-society/

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 16:33 UTC

Haven't I not answered that already? Okay, so you need a little more information. All of the jumping around has gotten you only partial glimpses of the entire story, plus it allows everyone else wondering the same things a chance to read this and know as well. It's all actually very simple. I helped found Jericho last year when things in the Facebook groups (Asgardia's) started to go awry. People were attacking each other and the censorship in those days was terrible, in my opinion. There was no real direction and things seemed like they would fall apart before they got together. At that time I, personally, began to doubt the future of Asgardia as there were a lot of dissent among its members. In those days there weren't any press conferences and Dr. Ashurbeyli had yet to make a public announcement. It all started to seem like a publicity stunt of some kind. Remember this mindset; it's important for later. I was wrong of course, considering all that has happened since, but in those days it appeared quite differently. Scott Trombley and a few others thought along similar lines and began posting things about this very subject.

I caught some of these posts and commented on a few of them and that is how I fell in with the group. Scott Trombley thought Asgardia did not have a realistic plan to form a nation, in his own opinion. Others had their own motivations, but the end goal was the same. If Asgardia looked like it was going to fail, the concept of a space nation itself should not die with it. So we formed a separate group: Jericho and launched the LLC. shortly after. Scott decided the name of the LLC and everything was placed in his name as it is his project, true enough. He favored traditional ways to become a nation versus what Asgardia was trying to do. He thought buying physical land and forming a permanent population on said land was a more realistic path to sovereignty. Whether he is right or wrong is up to you, but those were the reasons Jericho started. He also thought the UN would never seriously consider a nation that did not have its own economy and governmental structure and it looked as though both could be made by starting with a corporation and slowly converting it over time.

As to the exact reasons he took the same name I cannot say, but I can say his motivations were there even before the name Jericho was thought up. We've talked about it time and time again. It wasn't a profit move or a power grab. We all actually care about the concept  of a space nation and did not want such to die if Asgardia failed due to its untraditional methods. Forming a company and starting profitable enterprises was just the mechanism that made the most sense for us to begin the economy the country would need later plus generating the funding needed to buy land and other assets. As time passed, my picture of Asgardia changed. I spent less time involved in the forums actively over a period of time because I was watching to see which ways the winds would blow. Would it be more of the same chaos or would some structure begin to form? The public announcement hit, then the Constitution, and then the Hong Kong press conference. All of the things that had been missing before were now there or rapidly taking shape.

I had to admit I had been wrong and things just needed time to sort themselves out. It was a hard pill to swallow. As that was unfolding, things with Jericho were changing too. Many things I had agreed on originally were chopped out and the direction was shifting in one I did not like, and I made no attempts to keep that opinion a secret. Did you ever stop to wonder why I was no longer CMO? I stepped down. Those details are personal, between Scott and I, and need not be disclosed here, as it's the result that matters. The simple but true answer is our views were too far afield to be compatible. Anyway, I agreed to still help with the groups and offer advice on things, but I was not interested in any form of policy making. Many of these people are my friends, even Scott Trombley himself. I did not see why I had to break all ties because I disagreed with a few things. I understand your opinion differs from this, and I do respect that, but I stand by mine. You can check those facts if you wish; it's all true. I do not represent Jericho. You say I do simply because I Admin some of the groups. This is something anyone can do. I will not say I am completely unassociated with Jericho, as many in the group are good friends of mine. That is all it is. I do not see any of that as a conflict of interest. How can it be? Whether Jericho succeeds or fails has nothing to do with Asgardia. Jericho can do its island concept and Asgardia can send up its satellite. Members of both groups can like and support both actions. The success of one does not take away from the success of the other and no ill will is offered from one to the other, at least not from my perspective.

You have a point in the liberty Scott took in using the name Asgardia. I publicly disagreed with that and was one of the many differences that led to my stepping down. How can I market something with the same name as another group trying to accomplish the same thing though with different methods? It was impossible, at least I thought so. That I cannot change and it has nothing to do with my running here. As to ensuring I was removed from everything within Jericho? Why? I am listed as a Founder, and I still am, because I did help found the project. That doesn't change regardless of what I am doing now. As far as I know, I am not listed as anything else but an Admin in the groups. If I am, that will be rectified.

You ask why do I want to run in Asgardia after I seemingly lost interest for a time? I never completely lost interest, for one, but I did back off a bit when I saw the members of the groups attacking each other and all the chaos. Remember that mindset I asked you to keep in mind earlier? That is why I want to run. Unlike Jericho, Asgardia now has a mechanism to allow any of its members who tries hard enough to help shape it. I do not want that chaotic, directionless state Asgardia was in then to resurface and threaten it, now, in these turbulent times as the Constitution becomes ratified and a host of other things are coming online. Just look at how much progress Asgardia has made! I had been so wrong in those early days! I cannot change that now, and a mistake is a mistake. If I can help, even in some small way, keep direction in a concept I care so much about that I am spending hours corresponding with someone whom clearly does not support me, then I will do so. Or at least attempt to do so as hard as I possibly can. There really isn't anything more to it than that.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 16:50 UTC

You have levied challenges and claims against me, Mr. Rogers (this is very doubtfully your real name), and I have attempted to respond to each of them as I am utilizing an open policy of candidness and correspondence with each person whom comments (which is quite taxing on my time). Discard for a mere moment in time my present or past association with Jericho and judge me without that biasedness. You say you do not have such, but your every issue stems only from that. Nothing else. Others ask how I would deal with this issue or that or what I think of this topic or that. You only seem to care about my association with Jericho, which, some could say, is dubious in and of itself. I do have merits that have nothing to do with Jericho. Perhaps you would be interested in those? Weigh other things but this one topic.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 17:04 UTC

I get that all the time with my name - So don't worry, but it's very telling when a person running for office uses making personal remarks to get an angle on an argument.

I am asking these questions here to give YOU an opportunity to express your side of the story to the potential electorate, but you keep deflecting back to the intentions of Project Jericho and not your current association with them which is obviously a conflict of interest.

You are freely stating that (and although I was not in a position to be able to comment in those days due to very bad satellite connections) your participation in a group that you saw falling apart led you to create a group to counter the direction of the original group, and now you are no longer part of the second group you are returning to the original?

I do not know you so I do not know your talents or abilities so I judge based on what I see apparent in the public record, and how you defend yourself against questions.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 17:24 UTC

It is obvious now it does not matter what I have to say. You are going to pick at my responses no mater their content. You and now everyone whom reads this has my side of things. I am putting this topic to bed, for good or ill. You have all the information relating to your concerns as I can give you. Make of it what you will.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 22:35 UTC

Brandon,  have read through these comments, and you sound like exactly the type of leader Asgardia will need. You definitely have my vote. Not much else needs to be said, because it's all already been said.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 23:21 UTC

I appreciate that more than words can convey. I will do my best to live up to that confidence.

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 06:19 UTC

The experiences that you have had and your answers convince me that you are ready for this difficult job.

Asg 11, 01 / Jun 28, 17 10:44 UTC


Asg 11, 01 / Jun 28, 17 11:53 UTC

I'm hoping to you! Keep it up man! 👍

Asg 11, 01 / Jun 28, 17 12:00 UTC

Thank you!

Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 11:10 UTC

Go on Brandon

Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 11:33 UTC

Thank you.

Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 13:48 UTC

Excellent! We would make a greater Asgardia for everyone.

Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 13:58 UTC

Thank you very much!

Asg 14, 01 / Jul 1, 17 20:48 UTC

best regards sincerely Brandooooooon

Asg 15, 01 / Jul 2, 17 11:50 UTC

And you. Thank you!

Asg 14, 01 / Jul 1, 17 22:16 UTC

nice way of think , best regards

Asg 15, 01 / Jul 2, 17 00:29 UTC

I feel the movement will become corrupted over time and corporatised once certain investments are made in regards to the project. The problem with planet earth is that every nations political agendas are In favour predominantly towards "national interest" in other words corporate puppet masters pulling strings where now it seems every leader becomes nothing more than poster boys or girls. When the nation of asgardia rises, one very important notion must never be forgotten, that of true freedom for all, to remember that the constitution is binding upon not only the people but upon those who uphold it within positions of office "leaders" must never waiver as it is a contract that both the people and said office must uphold. Tax for example must be used correctly as opposed to how it is on earth. I also suggest amendments I'd like to add additional laws to make sure that the people's freedom is never taken by those in office, all those in office must be held accountable based on their decisions and conduct, government must remain open and transparent at all times!

Asg 15, 01 / Jul 2, 17 11:04 UTC


Asg 17, 01 / Jul 4, 17 01:04 UTC

Hello everyone. We meet here in space... and right time!

Asg 17, 01 / Jul 4, 17 20:42 UTC

Thanks Brandon ¡¡¡ you are right, as your many friends and colleagues of my non-profit association have come to help me. In the association we have helped many people, it is sad that they do not believe that these votes are real. They should also seek support as we do. what we are going to do if  their anger causes us to accugoise and think badly of us =(

Asg 18, 01 / Jul 5, 17 00:40 UTC

I'm new to this and am trying to figure it out as I go. I want to participate and provide a positive contribution, so have set up a candidacy. I have quite a diverse background which I think could be a benefit to Asgardia. I would greatly appreciate it if you and your friends would do me the favor of voting for me. I have read through your blog and the replies, particularly "Buck Rogers." I feel you answered his questions and conducted yourself in an admirable manner. You have a vote from me.

Asg 18, 01 / Jul 5, 17 00:50 UTC

I thank you for your vote and welcome to Asgardia! I friend of mine already has my vote, and it would be disloyal to withdraw it. I will speak with some of my friends though. I wish you luck in your own path.

Asg 23, 01 / Jul 10, 17 23:45 UTC

I wish you much success ...

You have a vote from me.

Asg 24, 01 / Jul 11, 17 03:50 UTC

Thank  very much.

Jul 2, 01 / Jul 17, 17 03:52 UTC

Hello Brandon. Hype! Only 3 days and 634 votes left. Do you think we can accomplish the mission??

Jul 2, 01 / Jul 17, 17 03:52 UTC

Hello Brandon. Hype! Only 3 days and 634 votes left. Do you think we can accomplish the mission??

Jul 3, 01 / Jul 18, 17 17:41 UTC

Well it was stated clearly that the voting on the Constitution was over then, though I do not recall reading anywhere that voting for candidates was over. I may be wrong, of course. If I make it, it will be because I was a candidate over a thousand people wanted representing them. If I do not, then it means someone the people think is more qualified got the votes. Either way, Asgardia wins. That is the point, after all!

Jul 2, 01 / Jul 17, 17 10:57 UTC

You are right!

The troubles of the Earth must stay with the Earth.

Voted. Wish you can do it.

Jul 3, 01 / Jul 18, 17 17:37 UTC

I agree wholeheartedly!

Jul 2, 01 / Jul 17, 17 18:41 UTC

I voted for ya man after reading all these posts questions and your answers I believe you would be a good choice I hope you get the remaining votes needed,

Peace,love, empathy


Jul 3, 01 / Jul 18, 17 17:36 UTC

Thanks you very much! I will do my best!

Jul 3, 01 / Jul 18, 17 15:18 UTC

You got my vote mate!

Jul 3, 01 / Jul 18, 17 17:37 UTC

Thank you! I appreciate it very much!

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 12:22 UTC

Good luck! I'm so excited for the asgardia

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 12:22 UTC

Good luck! I'm so excited for the asgardia

Jul 5, 01 / Jul 20, 17 07:36 UTC

Thank you! As am I!

Jul 9, 01 / Jul 24, 17 15:35 UTC

That's strange but i could vote for you, vote for me too, please)

Jul 11, 01 / Jul 26, 17 17:00 UTC

Good lucck...

I hope this is not just a dream.. but can be the real...

I will be wait. .

Jul 18, 01 / Aug 2, 17 03:33 UTC

WHY no one sending me friend request? why any reason you hiding?

Aug 22, 01 / Sep 3, 17 18:26 UTC

Hola Brandon, un pregunta: Me imagino que eres una buena persona y que tu voluntad de formar parte de la organización de ese proyecto es sana, pero estás totalmente convencido de que has dejado a un lado todos tus intereses personales? Seguro que ya se la respuesta antes de que me la respondas y espero que esa misma respuesta sea la que respondás en el futuro.

Suerte amigo.


Hello Brandon, a question: I imagine that you are a good person and that your willingness to be part of the organization of that project is healthy, but you are totally convinced that you have left all your personal interests aside? Surely the answer is already before you answer and I hope that same answer is the one you respond in the future.

Lucky friend.

Aug 24, 01 / Sep 5, 17 12:50 UTC

It is true I do have some personal side interests as to why I want to be a part of Asgardia, but they are much the same as most Asgardians' I  imagine. I support the mission statement of Asgardia and I have had a long standing interest in progressing both the politics and technology of space exploration. Conveniently, Asgardia provides a vehicle to both. I want that progression to happen, but more than that, I want to be one of the many pioneers that brings that progression. Seeing unfold is good, but personally helping it do so is even better! Where else can someone make such an impact in space technology and politics so early on but Asgardia?

Oct 17, 01 / Oct 24, 17 23:53 UTC

Totally voting for you Brandon!

Oct 24, 01 / Oct 31, 17 05:58 UTC

Thank you very much!

Apr 20, 02 / Apr 14, 18 09:24 UTC
A clean space country supports young, promising and upright leaders. 一个干净的太空国,支持年轻有为,正直干练的领袖。
May 25, 02 / May 17, 18 23:52 UTC
I will work as hard as I can do make it so
Asg 21, 02 / Jul 8, 18 21:32 UTC
Count with me to do the right way too!
Asg 21, 02 / Jul 8, 18 21:33 UTC
Count on me!!