Aug 23, 02 / Sep 4, 18 11:47 UTC
London. A race for space.

As a concept, Asgardia is an ambitious one, and as with any new movement there is much still to be decided. The ultimate character of the organisation will emerge only with time and patient development, but at its core I believe all members share a fundamental conviction that we have a common destiny beyond the reaches of Earth alone. We will all possess our own unique culturally informed view on what such a future may look like, but I for one am looking forward to discovering it together.

Any persistent off-world human project will take the dedicated effort of generations of people working hard for a future they themselves may never see, but that should not discourage us, because unwittingly it is what we have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years. As the aerospace pioneers of the last century leave us and entrust their legacy to new generations, we all must reflect that the ongoing success of the human story can rarely now be measured out in a few years. We have collected the low hanging fruit of what single lifetimes of human endeavour can achieve and must now work together toward often intangible horizons. Combating pollution and climate change are two examples of global problems where a solution will not be found in the term or resolve of any one nation's government. Among our supranational organisations it would be premature to label Asgardia a contender but it at least signals that a great many hearts are in the right place and will serve to drive the process by which we act mutually in the common good of our world.

We are fortunate to stand on the cusp of a new golden age of space exploration with the tools at our disposal to solve the crises we face. We must act decisively to extend our presence into space, to fashion a viable human experience there, and to overcome any and all technical barriers to achieving that goal. We possess the means, and we have the opportunity, we need only exercise the will to make it a reality.

As a Mayoral candidate for London I propose to continue a lifetime passion for conveying the business case for space, to deliver the myriad benefits space has to offer us and promote investment to deliver this vision of a new life and a new economy. I also encourage others to submit their candidacies to expand the platform of issues we can address, and to engage with people's passions for what we might achieve as a city at the forefront of a new race for space.