Aug 27, 02 / Sep 8, 18 11:07 UTC
36 Hours Left To Vote!

With voting set to close tomorrow at midnight I would like to thank everyone who has connected with me over the past month. It has been really great hearing from members about their ambitions and dreams for a space enabled society. I thought I'd share this image of the UK taken by our very own astronaut, Maj. Timothy Peake during his time aboard the ISS in orbit 254 miles above us.

I am very excited about the prospects in space for the UK and particularly London. I look forward to reaching out next week to industry and finance to begin challenging them on what they are doing to engage with the space sector, to create space jobs and encourage their investment committees to apportion 5% of their eligible funds and portfolios to space related technologies and activities.

I welcome correspondence from all Asgardians and especially the London electorate, please do connect with me through the website or e-mail me directly on to share your thoughts on Space for London. Finally don't forget to vote, it's the most affirmative way you declare your clear desire to make the world a space enabled planet!