Sep 24, 02 / Oct 3, 18 12:18 UTC
A lot about me

My background is astrophysics but I could not finish my studies because of my busy life. Two divorces, three children and a lot of work. I have been working at a radiologist since more than 20 years and I can continue to stay with him. I've been loving science since my childhood. About Asgardia i read in a newspaper and I was fascinated immediately. I've been citizen since November 2016 and very proud of it. I love the stars and I love science. That's why I'm adminisrator on a science Facebook group. I want to lay the foundation of Asgardia.Unfortunately I have too little time to apply for an office, but I have faith that others will do well. Ad astra !

Sep 24, 02 / Oct 3, 18 15:00 UTC
Thanks and Welcome. ;-)