Asg 2, 01 / Jun 19, 17 07:56 UTC

Asgardia as a Nation closely aligns with my goals as an individual as i was hoping in the future to start a project very similar to the idea of an Asgardian nation mainly focused on the improvement of self and improvement of the whole, A nation that is not entirely devoted to economic progress and does not measure its progress through economics but a nation that marks it's progress through lack of scarcity, education and technological progress. Such society would be set up with a big emphasis on research and education.

All though i still do understand that with the establishment of Asgardia as a Earth nation we will still have to have a focus on economics, As outlined in our constitution Asgardia hopes to have it's own currency and banking system implemented I'm hoping that our leader has a plan in place for implementing this as economics is not my specialty. I am also aware of the cap of age for running for parliament i make this a note: I do not wish power in parliament. once it has been established i would rather be a channel for the voices of citizens in my locale to make sure that our views are properly portrayed, our voices are heard and also to stop the establishment of a restricted constitutional monarchy in case our Head of Nation gets filled with hot air and decides to be un-reasonable (sorry Igor i think you cool).

If you would like to vote me for it would be a pleasure to represent you. Also if you would like someone to discuss your views and hopes for Asgardia, i have set up an email dedicated towards my running as your representative in Asgardia.

Please feel free to email me: