Oct 17, 02 / Oct 24, 18 12:20 UTC

What a busy few weeks! Since confirmations of Mayoral representatives last week we have all been coming together into a working group to start shaping what this role will mean. It will undoubtedly take some time but that will continue in parallel with delivering a new vision for Space in the UK and London in particular. I have a new dedicated email address for members to contact me on edmund.arcadian@mayors.asgardia.space which is the official extension for all Asgardian Representatives in this role. It would be great to hear from people about their hopes and dreams for a spacefaring future. Whenever you see an opportunity to promote space in your everyday life don't hesitate to do so and if necessary call on this office for letters of support or endorsement for that purpose. Like any lobby group, by putting our membership behind the space agenda we can start to build the opportunities we all desire for a better tomorrow.