Oct 27, 02 / Nov 3, 18 05:47 UTC

Golden State Warriors continued their winning streak.

Golden State won 116-99 at the home game against the Minnesota Twins in the 2018-19 NBA regular season held at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California on Wednesday.

With the win, the Golden State won seven straight games. All five home games won, too. She maintained her position at the top of the Western Conference with nine wins and one loss, demonstrating her dignity as a champion of the defending champion.

Up until the first half of the game, the two teams were in a tight flow. Minnesota Twins had Jimmy Butler leading the team's attack with 13 points, and Carl-Anne Towns pulled under the basket. Josh Okogi spewed energy from the bench. Golden State had many turnsovers. It recorded seven more than Minnesota. Nevertheless, Kevin Durant led the team by exploding 20 points.

Minnesota took the lead in the third quarter. When Golden State played a shaky game with a turnover, it scored one after another. Andrew Wiggins scored the most in the third quarter with 13 points.

However, Golden State again led to a turnaround in the fourth quarter. The Golden State's air-and-air performance shone over Minnesota's high energy level. With four minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Golden State widened the gap to 106-93.

Golden State has a lot of turnovers on the day. Turnover 16-4 was a lot of mistakes. Nevertheless, he beat Minnesota with 토토사이트 excellent field sense and solid defense. His ability to solve the fourth quarter was also impressive. In the fourth quarter, Golden State led the team by 33-12 to beat Minnesota.

Golden State was evenly played by Durant, Curry and Thompson. He was a Durant with 33 points, 12 rebounds, FG 11/19, Curry with 28 points, 9 rebounds 7 assists, Thompson 22 points, 4 rebounds with 4/9.