Nov 3, 02 / Nov 7, 18 22:44 UTC
'Forced to leave the Earth': Presenting sustainable housing to colonize Mars

Is it time to start looking for a house on Mars? A prototype of a folding, portable minimalist style home with the capacity to recycle all the materials necessary for extraterrestrial survival has just been presented in the framework of the exhibition of experimental design and architecture China House Vision 2018, which was held in Beijing (China) between September 26 and November 4, reports China Daily.

The MARS case project, developed by the Chinese company OPEN Architecture in collaboration with the mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi, consists of a spherical module with windows - where its inhabitants can perform simple recreational activities and observe the exterior landscape - attached to a structure rigid 2.4 by 2.4 meters base and 2 meters high comprising the entrance along with the kitchen, the bathroom, the shower and an air conditioning unit.

"Today, in the era of environmental crises and material consumption that seems to be endless," humanity must rethink "what are its essential needs," the authors of the project said. And they asked themselves: If a house could help us "appreciate every drop of water, every mouthful of food and every breath", then "is this what we should define as the ideal house of the future?".

Nov 10, 02 / Nov 14, 18 07:11 UTC
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