Nov 8, 02 / Nov 12, 18 15:20 UTC

Today there is a clear difference in human beings; it  is not about gender, age, education or socio-economic situation, today  human beings are faced with the greatest dilemma in the history of  humanity, or we are analog or digital.
We  reach this point in human evolution and in our society if we go back to  the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and other cultures, being able  to observe that there is a beginning, a development and an evident  decadence of these societies, but none had to face What today takes us to a next level, biological evolution is infinitely surpassed by technological evolution.
The  usefulness of analogue or digital is in the hands of how we understand  and build the needs, 1,000,000 years ago was enough to stand, standing  doing some action to be considered an extraordinary creature, 100,000  years ago we started to  communicate and we distinguish ourselves because we were able to  associate and form a community, 10,000 years ago we jumped from a  nomadic life to one of fixed territories and that is how the term nation  and sovereignty was conceptualized, 1000 years ago our greatest advance  was in transporting ourselves to expand our territories  and our sovereignty, 100 years ago we were dreaming of traveling to the  moon and produce the most complete line of products, 10 years ago we  were thinking about how we could communicate with video calls and how to  board a plane to travel out of the country and see remote places , 1 year ago we asked ourselves if we already cure HIV, Cancer, if we can delay aging, if  we can choose the characteristics of the children, if we can tour  through the troposphere or choose what we will eat tomorrow regardless  of the place or the environment.
When  the possibilities of sustaining a life are limited to the dependence on  technological devices for communication, information and contact, we  are talking about the machines that make life incredibly comfortable,  PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets or, as purists say, integrated chip  circuits and  silicon-mounted transistors, it is only possible to ask all the  questions to answer with ones and zeros. Will human beings assume  techno-scientific dependence?
Bits  are the minimum unit of information in the digital age and the word or  letter in the analogical era, as we keep walking together between bits  and letters, analog clocks spin their hands imitating the rotation of  the earth and digital clocks show numbers  being more accurate, but do not represent a real analogy, digital  information does not deteriorate over time however the analogical if and  can be easily destroyed, is it a risk to follow analogically?
The  risks of the introduction in the short term of digitalization has  allowed advances in telemedicine, astro informatics, biogenetics and  solutions for a series of challenges that had arisen in the eternal  struggle of the human being to live better and more, today  nanotechnological mechanisms and  genetic modifications allow us to alter the natural cycles of aging and  diseases, we have been able to study and analyze as never before the  Universe that surrounds us, understanding part of its paradigms and laws  through the Astro computer data processed from telescopes, satellites  and space probes How far will we go in the digital age?
We  seek to be right to a series of doubts of our past, present and future  as if we were a gear that could not be anything other than a gear, as an  engineer could not become a painter, as a worker could not be a doctor,  we have a excess  of specialization and at the same time only form us to exploit one of  the intelligences described by Gardner, all human beings have and we can  be what we want to be, but we have to wish against a materialistic  society and with an individualism bordering on brutality.
The  lights of the digital will continue lit, as well as the lights of the  analog, what makes the difference is how each of the social and  individual paradigms are transposed during life in actions, words and  thoughts that manage to give a view for a human  being more integral, perhaps we are condemned to this paradigmatic  purgatory and every time we find an answer we have many more questions.

We  will mainly want to understand the human being that opens up to new  knowledge and borders that are not only physical, they are also mental,  as we are and to capture our essence, that which distinguishes us, not  thinking and doing only so that our utility as a gear is productive, Why should the human being be productive? For what? For whom? Do we understand what our mission is? Are we able to understand the rest and connect with that otherness?
Today,  thinking that machines have an increasingly important place in our  lives makes us reflect on our own importance, we really dedicate time to  what is important, we are with whom we want to be, we rest enough to  recharge our batteries, we have the Will to learn for not  make the same mistakes of the past, how much we dare to innovate,  advance and improve without looking at the cost, all these are questions  that we ask ourselves as we feel that the neighbor is more steel,  silica and plastic than our computer or our telephone, will  be that the interpersonal connection will not be interpersonal, it will  be inter-something, that, today we see transhuman or transmáquinas,  someone could say with certainty if our evolution has any name for a  species with liquid, muscle and skin but without Soul or one with Soul but  without skin, muscle or fluids, we will be able to catch the main  issues that distinguish us from other species and keep it at Through  paradigmatic changes and socio-cultural changes, we will maintain our  identity or our identity will be changed by something that is not  associated with a biological definition and we will be forced to a  bio-technological definition of who we are and how we advance.
Have  clarity about our present and how we face a new humanity and together  with this new humanity go unveiling the secrets of Life as such without  surnames, the analogous being will become an entity that survives in  non-replicable conditions and the digital being will be the one replace  it, it is a very hard to speculate about what will happen to humans who  only survive in analog and non-digital environments, all those people  who will gradually lose their voice, their body and their integration  with the rest of humanity will probably be relegated  to specific sectors or districts within the cities, fulfilling specific  tasks that do not require digital means or devices for their  interaction.
Should this happen? And  if it is part of our natural non-biological evolution, Gardner was  right, human beings are capable of building our reality with all our  abilities and intelligence, today we reward the STEM type with a  superior evaluation but what if this outside  natural, perhaps a baby does not have to depend on the teat of the  biological mother to breastfeed and will do it through circuits that  stimulate their feeding sensors generating a state of satisfaction that  will be evaluated by a non-human intelligence through IoT (Internet  of Things) present in the home of that creature, or the mother will be  alerted that the baby is hungry and physically a biotechnological  creature breastfeed, and here we are faced with another condition of  change this time and not social-cultural or technological.
Different  studies show that the use of technologies makes us comfortable, but  also with the arrival of new beings, they tend to be anthropomorphic so  as not to produce rejection, outrage or surprise, our hands will become  tools with specialized mechanical characteristics to operate the  devices with the interfaces as we know them today, will lengthen thumbs  and our brain will be reduced in size by the use of specific areas and  have all the knowledge in digital format ready to be downloaded or read  and thus not discover anything new in an analogical way, It  may even be that in the digital future this essay is not written again  since reflection will not be necessary to have direct empirical evidence  in our brains as well as our genetic memory allows us to survive during  the first two years of life, generating an interaction between this  memory universal genetics and tutors, parents or other adults responsible for keeping the new human beings alive.
The  risks inherent to natural non-biological evolution will be many and of  different complexity and for that reason we must prepare ourselves to  heal our own system failures, in communication, social or cultural  interaction and above all try to understand what the challenges are to We will give our lives trying to solve them and discover our particular advantages within the current and future society.
We  should not be afraid of these changes, they are natural, although there  is always the question of whether we will survive as a species and the  traits of each one can be inherited in the way we do today.

Nov 9, 02 / Nov 13, 18 06:47 UTC
Human must select Analog [EI] and must manage The Digital [AI].