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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Dec 10, 02 / Dec 12, 18 21:44 UTC

It’s a pleasure and an honor to build together the future and to share important programs for our Nation. Thank you very much Head of Nation, Primer Minister, Supreme Justice, Chair of Parliament. A strong team for a better world.

Olimpia Niglio

Dec 10, 02 / Dec 12, 18 21:59 UTC
Mrs. Niglio as part of the Committee of Culture of Asgardia is a big honor that you are the Minister of Culture of Asgardia. More than welcome and let's United the World with the intangible and tangible Culture heritage Space Sustainable Heritage!!!
Dec 10, 02 / Dec 12, 18 22:02 UTC
Dear Eliyahu Eduardo A. Munoz thank you very much.
Dec 10, 02 / Dec 12, 18 22:46 UTC
Mrs Niglio, The horizon is in front of us to build our Culture in our Nation by dealing with humanity heritage. As an artist, this is a great honor to have you as a Minister of Culture in our Nation. Congratulations One Humanity One Unity, Long life to Asgardia Valéry ...
Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 08:11 UTC
Thank you Valery, I remain at your disposal
Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 15:57 UTC
Thank you
Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 06:38 UTC
Congratulations on your appointment as the acting Minister of Culture for Asgardia!
Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 08:11 UTC
Thank you very much
Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 10:27 UTC
Congratulazioni anche qui ;)
Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 10:55 UTC
A baby step for an Asgardian The Space Nation 's way process of acculturation , end up with syncretic of Asgardian Culture, would be unbelievable than we could imagine. We Citizens wouldn't be sterile from verbal conflict and debate stem from earthling's primordial Ideologies, cultures ,etc. That would be our ...
Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 13:04 UTC
Very well. We must work for our Nation for "One Humanity One Unity"
Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 14:04 UTC
Correction : ...unbelieveable faster than...
Dec 14, 02 / Dec 16, 18 08:41 UTC
The first of the 3 important features of Asgarda is philosophy & culture. This culture of ONE HUMANITY will develope, spread across the Galaxy and Universe. I am very pleased that you will lead this issue. Congratulations and welcome on board.
Dec 14, 02 / Dec 16, 18 09:35 UTC
Thank you Ismail. See you in Asgardia
Dec 15, 02 / Dec 17, 18 14:24 UTC
Orgoglioso e Felice di questo splendido risultato! Asgardia prende forma in maniera incisiva! Complimenti di vero cuore
Dec 15, 02 / Dec 17, 18 21:51 UTC
Grazie Paolo. Costruiamo i insieme questo bel progetto.
Dec 15, 02 / Dec 17, 18 22:26 UTC
Grazie per la fiducia! Io sono pronto!