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Recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is operational and has the potential to trigger floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes. From a military point of view, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction. Potentially, it constitutes an instrument of conquest capable of selectively destabilizing the agricultural and ecological systems of entire regions.

How would the weather alter with this proyect?

It has been suggested in various scientific works that the high atmosphere winds (over 50 km high) play an important role in the jet, which in turn controls the surface weather structures. Other authors have studied the "auroreal electrojet", and have found that there is a very close relationship with the winds at 80 km high. Therefore tropospheric electrojet systems are apparently correlated.

One of the objectives of the HAARP is to modulate the currents of the electrojet and thus affect the intensity and direction of the zonal and jet winds. On the other hand, the power to "warm up" certain hostile areas of the globe could generate the meteorological conditions to produce droughts.

We must be aware of this enigmatic project. It is expected that in Greenland and Norway new antennas will be installed or installed within the HAARP project. In other Pacific islands it is assumed that as many antennas of the HAARP project have been installed.

E-Systems specializes in the production of electronic equipment for military use, navigation and reconnaissance, including "sophisticated espionage equipment". It is one of the largest contractors in the world in that segment of equipment for intelligence, closely related to the CIA and similar organizations. It sells these devices for about 1,800 million dollars a year, of which some 800 million dollars are for projects so secret that not even the United States Congress knows how this money is spent.

It is worth mentioning that the Eastlund / APTI patents are based on the investigations of the Yugoslav scientist Nicolás Tesla, many of whose ideas were stolen by the North American corporations

Just one year after the purchase of E-Systems from APTI's climate warfare technology, E-Systems was purchased by Raytheon, the fourth largest contractor in the US military industry. With this acquisition Raytheon became the largest manufacturer of electronic war equipment in the world. And, while ARCO sold its subsidiary APTI to E-Systems, it itself was acquired by the BRITISH PETROLEUM-AMOCO OIL COMPANY USA, one of the four largest energy oil superconsolidations in the world.

Thus, Raytheon, through its subsidiary E-Systems is now the owner of patents for climate warfare. It also has to do with other investigations for military use such as the activities carried out by one of its subsidiaries in Antarctica: Raytheon Polar Services.

The system was completed in April 2004. It consists of 180 antennas plus a set of high frequency transmitters.

It seems that there are twelve patents that form the spinal cord of the HAARP project. One of them, number 4.686.605, by the Texan physicist Bernard Eastlund, which refers to a "method and equipment to change a region of the atmosphere, ionosphere and / or magnetosphere", was classified by express order of the government during all one year. Actually, the ionospheric heater of Eastlund is different from others known to date: radio frequency (RF) radiation is concentrated and focused at one point of the ionosphere, managing to project an unprecedented amount of energy, which can reach up to 10 gigawatts. The huge difference in potential generated (say Begich and Manning) could change and even displace the ionosphere, causing total chaos in land communications, both terrestrial and maritime. As well as destroying missiles or airplanes, changing atmospheric conditions by modifying the absorption of the sun's rays and increasing the concentrations of ozone, nitrogen and even negatively affecting the brain.

However, these are not the most dangerous implications of HAARP. There are many others more serious still. In this sense, Beguich states that, in relation to the project, there is a report on the development of a system capable of manipulating and disrupting human mental processes by means of pulsed radiation of radio frequencies over large geographical areas. The most complete material on this technology is found in the writings of Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former National Security Adviser with President Carter and with J.F. Mac Donald, scientific advisor to President Johnson. They report on the use of energy transmitters for physical and environmental warfare, and how they can adversely affect human health and thinking. Another of the documents discovered by Beguich belongs to the International Red Cross, and in it, this organism warns of the pernicious effects of radiated energy. It even records the frequency bands that generate these effects, which (coincidentally?) Correspond to the ranges that HAARP can transmit.

The project will probably be "sold" to the public as a space shield against the entry of weapons into the national territory or, for the most naive, as a system to repair the ozone layer. "

Many scientists have begun to make research mostly low profile and anonymous about the alleged linkage of the yaguaraparo earthquake. On August 21, 2018, an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 occurred in the northeastern tip of Venezuela, the direction to which the energy was released. it's not usual. "It's not where it should be. The plates of the Caribbean must move to the right, towards the Atlantic Ocean, and that of South America, to the left, to the west, to the Pacific Ocean. The earthquake occurred near where the two plates start contacting. " that's why we presumed it was something linked to the harrp project, even some satellites detected an increase in the ionosphere load on this area of the Caribbean before, during and hours after the rare seismic movement that was even felt in Colombia.

Also note that in 1977 a treaty was signed, the ENMOD convention that expressly prohibits the development of weapons that could interfere or change the climate, the fact that this type of weapon has been talked about for years indicates that this project is not of science fiction, I think that in the future we will have to become more familiar with this acronym HAARP and we will have to follow the extensive bibliography on this subject on the Internet, but I think that at the official and media level, the subject is taboo because for now almost nobody dares to launch the issue at the level of the general public, the military is silent, meteorologists at the moment perhaps due to obscurantism and lack of concrete information do not dare to touch the issue in depth and society and organizations Several of ecologists and environmental defenders say nothing.

by: LCDO Jaime Ramoni .2018