Dec 25, 02 / Dec 27, 18 13:30 UTC
strong earthquake leaves material damage in Venezuela, 8 kilometers from the city of Guacara in the state carabobo

An earthquake of magnitude 4.9 was registered this Thursday at 4:59 in the morning in part of the national territory with an epicenter 8 kilometers northwest of Guacara, Carabobo state, and with a depth of 9.4 kilometers

As a result of this fact, several were Internet users who posted photos of the damage that occurred after the earthquake, however, the government has assured that until now no material damage has been recorded.

Another quake, of magnitude 5.0, was recorded about 25 minutes later in the same area, the USGS reported.

San Diego is located in the metropolitan area of the city of Valencia, in the state of Carabobo.

Users of social networks report the telluric movement from the Capital Region, the states of Aragua, Carabobo, Miranda and Vargas, said the state-run Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN).

For 5:24 AM, a replica of magnitude 4.5 was felt, with an epicenter in the city of Valencia.

Nestor Reverol, Minister of the Interior Justice and Peace confirmed that in total there were three aftershocks after the first earthquake.

He also stressed that the risk management personnel were deployed "monitoring and evaluating the damages after the incident". He exhorted the population to remain calm.

Dec 25, 02 / Dec 27, 18 19:58 UTC
Glad that you and your family are fine, Jaime.
Dec 25, 02 / Dec 27, 18 22:49 UTC
thank you, Ivan, thank God we are fine, but the house has many cracks, and we are nervous to sleep today. I hope you do not repeat.